How to Beat Simon Manus in Lies of P



Learn how to beat Simon Manus in Lies of P and claim victory over the game’s final boss!

How to Beat Simon Manus in Lies of P

For years, soulslike games have become popular in the gaming industry. One of its latest additions is a game called Lies of P. The game features an intriguing storyline, a dynamic setting, and tough but rewarding boss fights.

The final boss of the game is Simon Manus, the leader of the Alchemists. As a character, he is ambitious and self-righteous—planning to overpower humans by taking control of the Ergo. He, along with the members of the Alchemists, created a machine that would allow him to achieve divinity. And thus, as the protagonist, it is your job to defeat this crazy boss, and this guide will teach you just that.

How to Beat Simon Manus in Lies of P 

Before you set your sights on defeating this tough boss, bring plenty of health tonics to help you survive. Living up to his name as the game’s final boss, Simon Manus is a tough boss to beat with 2 phases during the boss fight. This means that you must successfully beat him two consecutive times to finish the game.

PHASE 1: Simon Manus, Arm of God

A screenshot from the video of PowerPyx beating Simon Manus, Arm of God in Lies of P.
Source: Youtube / PowerPyx

The first phase of the boss fight is relatively slow. Simon Manus will swing his mace twice to attack you, then place the mace on his shoulder to rest briefly. Then, he will do a long-distance jump attack or a short-range melee attack with his mace. A brief rest will follow up both with his mace on his shoulder.

During the first phase, the best technique is to stay as close to him as possible, preferably near his back. First, you must wait for him to swing his mace twice and dodge both attacks. Once he rests his mace on his shoulder, strike back as quickly as possible while he is open.

Then, he will either do a short-range melee attack in front of him or a long jump attack from above. You will immediately know if he is about to use the jump attack as his entire body will glow red.

All you have to do is dodge his attacks and strike back once he pauses to rest. Make sure to memorize his attack pattern and follow this strategy to get through to the next phase:

  1. He will initially do two swinging attacks. Simply dodge them and wait for the pause.
  2. When he pauses, attack him immediately, then step back.
  3. Once he glows red, he will be using his long-distance jump attack. When he does, take a step back, block this move, wait for the next cue, and then attack him.
  4. If he uses the short-range attack in front of him, simply dodge it and attack him.

Note that you must make every open opportunity count and attack him as quickly as possible. Since the interval between his attacks is only a few seconds long, you will take a direct hit with his next attack if you attack him too late. It may take some time to get used to this attack pattern. You will beat him once you get the hang of it, and he will move on to the next boss phase.

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PHASE 2: Simon Manus, Awakened God

A screenshot from the video of Geração Power Up beating Simon Manus, Awakened God in Lies of P.
Source: Youtube / Geração Power Up

The second phase is the awakened form of Simon Manus. In this phase, his attacks become even more aggressive, and he will use long-range AOE skills to attack you.

The second phase is the awakened form of Simon Manus. In this phase, his attacks become even more aggressive, and he will use long-range AOE skills to attack you.

The best way to counter this is to keep your distance from him instead of letting him approach you. Essentially, he will still follow the same attack pattern, but this time, with the addition of the AOE attacks. To defeat him in this phase, use the hit-and-run strategy. Whenever he puts the mace on his shoulder, attack and quickly get as far from him as possible.

Then he will start raining you down with spiritual attacks, and his ranged swing attack. Try to dodge them if you can. Additionally, he will gain a new move wherein he will claw up the earth in a straight line. After he makes this move, take this as an opportunity and attack him. Right after, he will keep swinging his mace to attack you and always end with the claw attack move. He will repeat this several times during the boss fight.

Once you get the hang of it and have memorized his attack patterns, simply attack him in between each cycle. It is not an easy feat and will require a lot of patience and determination. However, once you beat Simon Manus in both phases, the feeling of having beaten Lies of P’s final boss is a better reward than the actual rewards you gain from it.

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