How to Get Dinosaur Eggs in Stardew Valley


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Want to know the most effective methods for acquiring dinosaur eggs in Stardew Valley? This guide has all the answers for you.

How to Get Dinosaur Eggs in Stardew Valley

One of the things you wouldn’t expect in a wholesome-looking farming sim like Stardew Valley is you can get Dinosaurs as a pet. Traditionally, chickens, ducks, cows, goats, and sheep are what you typically see on a farm. But in Stardew Valley, these reptiles that once ruled the world can be raised in your coop.

Of course, the only way to get dinosaurs is to acquire a Dinosaur Egg. You can put them in an incubator and wait for them to hatch a tiny, green dinosaur. So, what are the fastest ways to obtain a dinosaur egg? Below, you will find all the best tips on acquiring one.

Fastest Ways to Get Dinosaur Eggs in Stardew Valley

Fishing for Treasures

An image of the player catching fish while trying to grab the treasure chest.

In Stardew Valley, dino eggs are considered both an animal product and an artifact. Artifacts are often inside Treasure Chests that appear when playing the fishing mini-game. You’ll need a high amount of luck to make treasure chests spawn. The good thing is there are plenty of ways to attract good fortune in the game. For instance, eating Shrimp Cocktails can give you extra luck while raising your fishing proficiency.

Make treasure chests spawn more often by using a special type of bait called the Magnet. If you choose the Pirate profession after reaching Fishing Skill Level 10, you can pull in plenty of chests from the water. You can also wear your Lucky Ring while fishing to make good luck come your way.

Aside from that, you’ll also have to rely on your skill and accuracy to catch them. After all, you’ll need to fill the treasure chest and fish progression bars simultaneously. But if you have the Treasure Hunter tackle, the fish will not slip away while you try to grab the treasure chest.

Lots of practice is needed to acquire treasure chests successfully. With luck, you might come across rare treasures like dinosaur eggs while fishing.

Exploring the Skull Caverns

A screenshot of the player fighting a Pepper Rex,

The Skull Cavern is an underground dungeon with randomly generated floors that can go as deep as the planet’s core. These caverns in the Calico Desert are theoretically permeated with otherworldly magic. So it would make perfect sense that dinosaurs dwell here.

There are two ways you can acquire dino eggs in Skull Cavern. You can either forage them or loot them from slain dinosaurs. Since the levels in Skull Cavern are generated randomly, sometimes you get floors that appear to be from a different time. They’re called Prehistoric Floors, and this is where you can sometimes spot dino eggs. You can easily pick them up from the ground, like gathering Fiddlehead Ferns and Quartz.

Pepper Rexes are currently the only dinosaur species that give you dino eggs when defeated. You can slay them with a melee weapon, preferably with a club or hammer-type weapon, as you can use a special charged attack on them to inflict more damage. Pepper Rexes hurt you by hurling balls of fire in four directions (north, south, east, west.) You can attack them on their diagonal sides to avoid their fireballs.

Dino Egg-Hunting Tips

To increase the chances of encountering dino eggs in Skull Cavern, eat food items that give luck buffs like Pumpkin Soup, Spicy Eel, Lucky Lunch, or Magic Rock Candy. Hunting for dino eggs on good luck days is always a good idea.

Most days, stumbling upon a prehistoric floor is almost as rare as finding a dino egg. Buy or craft tons of Staircases and use them to descend faster until you eventually stumble upon a prehistoric floor.

Use your stat-boosting rings, such as the Burglar’s Ring, which makes looting much easier as the items you get from killing monsters increase twofold with it equipped.

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Digging Up Artifact Spots in The Mountains

An image of the player staring at an artifact spot.

There may only be a small chance for artifact spots to contain dino eggs, but you can obtain them early in the game if you have incredible luck.

Unlike fishing treasure chests and exploring the skull caverns, digging up treasures from artifact spots is more achievable as the hoe tool is available on day 1. But again, you’ll need a stroke of luck to unearth dinosaur eggs from these spots.

It will also help if you take the Gatherer profession after getting to Foraging Level 5 and the Tracker profession at Level 10. With these perks, you get an indicator when there are forageables and artifact spots in the area, making foraging for items much easier.

Winning the Crane Game

A screenshot of the crane game.

Getting a dinosaur egg from the Movie Theater’s Crane Game can be a last resort for some. However, it’s one of the easiest ways to obtain such a rare item.

While playing the crane game, you may spot a treasure hidden between the bush and the wooden drop box. You will mostly find a mega bomb here. But sometimes, a precious dinosaur egg may surprise you from behind the bush.

Completing the Missing Bundle (or funding the Joja developmental projects if you go for the alternate route) to get to the Movie theater is an entirely different obstacle. Plus, the Dinosaur Mayonnaise is also one of the items needed to complete the last Junimo bundle.

The neat thing about the Crane Game method is that you only need to keep playing until you finally get a dino egg, and it arguably beats battling enemies in dungeons or fishing for countless hours.


Dinosaur eggs are treasures that have existed since ancient times in Stardew Valley. It’s no wonder they are incredibly elusive. But they become just another ordinary item once your dinosaurs start producing eggs. At the very least, they sell better than your average chicken eggs!

So, if you chance upon this rare artifact now, keep it until you get a Big Coop. Make sure you don’t hand the egg over to Gunther should you not want it to become a display piece in his museum.

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