How to Become a Vampire in The Sims 4


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The Sims 4: Vampires is a game pack that features blood-sucking monsters living in a dreary little town called Forgotten Hollow. Read further to find out how to become a vampire in this game!

How to Become a Vampire in The Sims 4

Vampires are the first supernatural life state that was given a lot of thought and depth by the Sims team, and players have never been so pleased. Occult fans were especially having a great time unlocking all vampire abilities in the skill tree, discovering new social interactions, and even WooHooing as a bat! Back then, it was certain that Vampires would revolutionize supernatural creatures in the game forever. And just as expected, we got Spellcasters and Werewolves later, thanks to the preceding pack’s success.

So here’s what you need to do to begin playing as a vampire and experience becoming an immortal supreme being in The Sims 4.

Create a Blood-sucking Sim

Vampires CAS1

You can make a vampire in CAS Mode by clicking on Create A Sim Icon, hovering the mouse over Add Occult Sim, and choosing Add Vampire.

The pack allows you to create a vampire Sim to your liking. Perhaps you want to make a mesmerizing vampire lady looking for romance or an evil villain with a penchant for turning innocent Sims into the undead. You will find an array of gothic-inspired clothing and accessories in CAS that can recreate the perfect vampire character you envision.

Vampires CAS2

Vampires also have a Dark Form or an alternate side that usually comes out when they feed on someone or use their powers. Some facial features like scars, cracks, and fangs can be selected when editing your vampire’s Dark Form.

Like all occult-themed packs, a couple of new life Aspirations were added to the game. If you choose the Vampire Family aspiration, your Sims will believe having a large family of vampires is the ultimate life goal. Sims will get rewarded for becoming an all-powerful vampire with the Master Vampire aspiration. And for those aspiring to be a Good Vampire, drinking human blood is never an option — unless they get the human’s permission.

Turn into the Undead

Vampires Bite

It is possible to turn your favorite Sim into a vampire by making them get bitten by one. You can look for the ones with ancient-sounding names, such as Lilith Vatore, and allow them to bite your Sim once they become Best Friends.

Speaking of ancient, you could also pull a reverse Welcome Wagon and visit Count Vladislaus Straud IV in his mansion in Forgotten Hollow. Vlad is the founder of the foggy town, and he would be more than delighted to spread vampirism all around. However, it can be difficult for Good Sims to forge a relationship with Vlad due to the latter’s Evil personality. But this is for players who want a bit of challenge in their game.

After inflicting the feral bite, vampires will also let your Sim bite their arm. Note that whoever turns your Sim will be labeled their Master for further generations.

Vampires Bite2

Compared to a Spellcaster’s magical transformation, becoming a vampire is a long process. It takes three days for a human Sim to become a vampire. They will experience several uncomfortable moodlets that describe their thirst for blood for three days.

When Sims finally become a creature of the night, a Vampiric Energy bar will appear at the top of their Basic Needs. The Hunger meter will be replaced with Thirst, while the Bladder and Energy Needs will be absent from the panel. The Vampire Skill Tree can be accessed if you click on the book icon on the bottom corner of the Basic Needs panel.

Give Birth to a Little Fiend

Vampires Lovers

Despite being practically dead, vampires can still give birth to healthy babies. Two vampires are capable of producing a little spawn of their own, but a couple consisting of one vampire and one human has less chance to bear a vampire child.

Incidentally, if they decide to try for pregnancy in a house with the lot trait, On a Dark Ley Line, they are guaranteed to pass the vampire genes onto the baby.

Vampire babies will not be able to use their powers from the get-go. Their thirst for blood can only be awakened when they become teenagers, a period of their lives where they become responsible enough to control their bloodlust or handle their supernatural abilities.

Use Cheats

Vampires Pose1

In case you’re in a hurry to play as a vampire, there’s always the option to use cheats. First, you can enable cheats by pressing Shift + Ctrl + C and typing ‘Testingcheats True.’ Once toggled on, you can type ‘traits.equip_trait trait_OccultVampire’ into the command console.

And that is all you need to know about becoming a vampire in The Sims 4. Check out our other guides on how to turn your non-occult Sims into Spellcasters or Werewolves here on

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