How To Change a Pen’s Biome in Paleo Pines


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Discover how to change a pen’s biome to better tailor it to your dinosaurs’ needs in Paleo Pines.

How To Change a Pen's Biome in Paleo Pines

Paleo Pines is a relaxing farming and life sim game where you take up the role of a dinosaur rancher. With your parasaurolophus, Lucky, you set out on a quest to explore the island populated with friendly dinosaurs and uncover its secrets.

While it is called a farming sim, growing crops and managing your farm are not your only objectives. In this game, dinosaurs are your main focus. You must ensure you have all the resources to satisfy your dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs in this game require plenty of pets and sustenance. Furthermore, each dino has different biome preferences. Letting them stay in a pen with the biome or environment they’re accustomed to is one of the ways to make them happy. Here’s what you must do to change a pen’s biome and make it a suitable habitat for your dinos.

Different Kinds of Biomes

An image of the player checking a dinosaur pen's status in her journal.

As you begin building a new home for you and Lucky, you will be given a couple of easy quests, such as building your first-ever dinosaur pen.

Once you create a pen, it will automatically be called a Ranch Biome. Lucky won’t object to living in a simple enclosure. But after encountering more dinosaurs, you’ll find they have different tastes regarding their pen’s biome.

The Valley Biome, Forest Biome, and Desert Biome are the biomes you can explore in Paleo Pines. Note that you must unlock these areas before changing your pen’s biome.

How to Change Your Pen’s Biome

A screenshot of a farm with a forest biome pen.

Image Source: Cjthecheesedj (YouTube)

Adding decorative objects that mimic the items usually found in a specific type of biome can change the habitat of your pen.

For example, if a dinosaur prefers a pen with the Valley Biome, you may decorate it with plants you’ll usually find in Veridian Valley. Corlan sells Pampas Grass, Poinsettia Bush, and Young Heather Bush, which can be used to make a Valley Biome pen. You can usually find Corlan in his shop in Pebble Plaza.

Some dinosaurs like living in an enclosure decorated with plants commonly seen in the forest. Place some Foxglove plants inside to make a pen with the Forest Biome, which you can also buy from Corlan.

An image of the player riding a parasaurolophus with a large dinosaur in the background.

Image Source: Cjthecheesedj (YouTube)

Later in the game, you’ll acquire dinosaurs that grew up in a hot and dry environment. Because of this, they prefer to curl up in a pen surrounded by desert plants. You can purchase desert plants like Ball Cactus, Small Saguaro, and Buckhorn Cholla from Alyx’s shop in Archeo Pelago. You may place them in one of your pens to change it into a Desert Biome.

At least three decorations are needed to change the biome of a pen. But some items are large enough to count as two decorations.

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Sleeping Spots, where you usually place a Dreamstone, is also customizable. When selecting a dreamstone, you can change the appearance of the land around it. Depending on the liking of your dino, you can upgrade its sleeping spot into a Valley Sleeping Patch, Forest Sleeping Patch, or Desert Sleeping Patch.


A rancher’s job is to do whatever it takes to make your dinosaurs feel safe and comfortable while they’re under your care. Giving them lots of attention is important to gain their trust, as they can also help you in your daily ranching tasks. Finding out what these dinosaurs require to be happy is the first step to earning their loyalty.

Paleo Pines is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

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