How to change Default Movement Settings in VALORANT


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Coming from a completely different FPS game? Make movement mechanics feel more familiar by changing movement default settings in VALORANT.

How to change Default Movement Settings in VALORANT

Movement is one of the most important gameplay aspects of VALORANT. Without good movement mechanics, you won’t be able to set yourself up properly to land those crispy headshots and nasty flick shots on your opponents.

Newer players will be less familiar with VALORANT’s default movement scheme, especially if they switch from a different FPS game. Fortunately, players can easily switch settings to find a more comfortable control scheme in-game.

We will show you how to change the default movement control scheme in VALORANT in this quick guide.

Default Movement Mechanics in VALORANT

There’s no denying that VALORANT took inspiration from the Counter-Strike series’ movement mechanics and modified a few parameters to suit VALORANT’s gameplay better.

The most obvious movement similarity between these two titles is the way characters are locked in a “Run” state that creates audible footsteps and where movement speed is affected by the weapon currently held. Players can slow their movement by pressing a “Walk” key bind that slows down their character’s movement speed and cancels out footsteps.

Another movement similarity between these two games is the way crouching works. Unlike other FPS titles such as CoD, Battlefield, or PUBG, where players press a toggle to stand or crouch, VALORANT’s default crouch mode is a “Hold” where players will only crouch when the crouch key bind is held down.

Jumping is mostly the same for VALORANT and CSGO, save for omitting the ability to bunny hop in VALORANT.

How to change default movement settings in VALORANT

If you’re coming from a completely different FPS title, such as Call of Duty, you might find VALORANT’s movement controls unnatural initially. While you’ll slowly learn to live with the new control scheme as you spend hours playing the game, you can change the default movement scheme to mimic that of other FPS titles.

You can change the Default Movement settings in VALORANT by going into Settings>Controls>Actions>Movement. Here you can change the Default Movement Mode from Walk to Run, Toggle Walk Off or On, and Toggle Crouch Off or On.

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Changing the Default Movement Mode from Walk to Run will cause your character to walk automatically. To Run, you need to press and hold the Shift key (default), similar to other games like CoD or PUBG.

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You can also set Walk/Run as a Toggle instead of pressing and holding a button.

Turn the “Toggle Walk” option “On” to lock your character in a Run/Walk state at the press of a button. You can do the same for Crouching, where turning the “Toggle Crouch” option will lock your character in a standing or crouching state at the press of a button.

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Is Default Run better than Default Walk in VALORANT?

The default movement settings in VALORANT might not work well for you, especially when you’re more used to the inverse movement mechanics found in other FPS games. So it’s going to be a matter of preference. Luckily, it’s easy to change movement settings in-game.

Your peeking efficiency might suffer if you set the default movement setting to Walk and use Toggles for Walking and Crouching.

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Peeking requires full movement speed to either left or right. At the default movement setting, this will only require you to press the A or S movement keys to strafe left or right, respectively. If you change the default movement scheme to “Walk,” peeking will require holding or pressing an extra key bind to get the full strafe speed required to peek in and out of corners.

While you can learn to make this process more seamless, the fact remains that you’ll need another finger on an extra key to execute a basic movement pattern in-game.

The default movement scheme you go with will come down to personal preference. If Default Walk works for you and doesn’t affect your performance in VALORANT, then there’s no reason to change your default movement preferences.

It’s All A Matter Of Preference

The ability to set up quickly for any situation is key to landing accurate shots and evading enemy fire. If changing the default movement scheme from default Run to Walk gets you there, then, by all means, change the default movement scheme to your preferred option in-game with the help of the quick guide outlined above.

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