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Some mods won’t work with the latest GTA 5 version, but you can’t play GTA Online if you’re on an older version.

How to Check GTA 5 Version

Newer games often start with a laundry list of bugs and issues, which will be slowly addressed through patches or updates. Even though developers have spent a few years developing and creating some of your favorite games, a small team of coders can only do so much to ensure that no issues arise in-game.

This is where updates and patches come in.

GTA 5 has received numerous updates, addressing gameplay issues, bugs, glitches, and other technical hitches. And because GTA 5 and GTA Online continue to see widespread support from the Grand Theft Auto fanbase, Rockstar Games continues to update and add new content to the game up to the present day.

If you’re curious about which version of GTA 5 you’re running right now, you can quickly check GTA 5’s current version through the method below.

What Version is GTA 5 right now?

The latest GTA 5 build version is 1.0.2628.2 or 1.60 for GTA Online, which dropped back on May 17, 2022.

The update was a 300MB download that addressed issues with one of the weapons in the game – the Heavy Sniper Mk II – and several crashing issues with GTA 5 and GTA Online for the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Why is GTA 5 version important?

As a general rule, you want to keep GTA 5 up to date to ensure you don’t run into any errors or bugs in-game.

However, if you’re into downloading and installing third-party mods for GTA 5 (which you should, as they are fun), knowing which version of the game you’re currently running will ensure that most, if not all, of your mods, work correctly.

Most of the time, mods won’t work with the latest version of GTA 5 since the developers typically create mods for a particular stable game build at the time of development. A new update might bring in some file system changes that will cause these mods not to work correctly.

Lastly, you cannot play GTA Online if you’re running an older game version. So if GTA Online is your go-to content for GTA 5, ensure you have the latest version of the game installed.

How to Check GTA 5 Version

Build 2612. Online 1.56

Players can quickly check their GTA 5 version by keeping their eyes peeled on the first few loading screens.

Upon launching GTA 5 (after the Rockstar Logo screen), players can quickly check the bottom right corner of their screen for the current Build and Online Version.

We previously rolled back our GTA 5 build, so our mods don’t stop working. Our version sits at 2612, the previously supported version for ScriptHookV. However, the latest GTA 5 probably already has ScriptHookV support, so we can safely update to the game’s newest version.

The Best Version

With the recent release of GTA 5 on next-gen consoles, it’s safe to say that GTA 5 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Players can expect additional content and updates to arrive in the coming months while Rockstar Games takes their sweet time with GTA 6’s development.

Until then, keeping GTA 5 up-to-date will ensure that you don’t run into gameplay issues, so you don’t get distracted from what the game has to offer.

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