How to find the Gun Truck in GTA Online


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How to find the Gun Truck in GTA Online

The Gun Truck is a traveling arms merchant that sells various weapons, throwables, and body armor. If you can find the Gun Truck in GTA Online, you can purchase any item in its inventory regardless of your character’s level – as long as you don’t mind paying a premium.

We have outlined everything you need to know about the Gun Truck in GTA Online, including what it is and where you can find it in-game in this guide.

What is the Gun Truck?

The Gun Truck is a weapons shop on wheels that offers various weapons, throwables, and armor in GTA Online.

Sourcing rare weapons can be very difficult in GTA Online. Not only are you restricted from purchasing certain weapons when your character level isn’t quite up to snuff, but weapons such as the Railgun have since been removed from Ammu-Nation, making it almost impossible to find in-game.

Unlike Ammu-Nation, the Gun Truck does not require you to be at a certain rank to purchase certain weapons. However, this means the weapons you’ll find in the Gun Truck will come at a slight premium over the typical sale price you’ll find the same gun in Ammu-Nation.

The Gun Truck is always on the move, so you likely won’t find the Gun Truck in the same place for long. While the Gun Truck can spawn in 30 different locations around the map, its next spawn point will be random, which means you’ll need to know all the possible Gun Truck spawn locations around the map.

Where is the Gun Truck?

The Gun Truck can spawn in any of the 30 locations on the map, 11 of which are located in the Northern part, three can be found in the middle, while the rest is spread throughout the South.

Check out the image below to find all 30 Gun Truck locations on the map:

1 8
2 1
3 1

Gun Truck Weapons

You can buy Weapons, Throwables, and Armor from the Gun Truck in GTA Online. If you’re lucky enough, you might be able to snag weapons unavailable in Ammu-Nation, such as the Railgun or Alien Gun.

18 1

It is important to note that the Gun Truck offerings refresh with each update, so you might not find the same weapons listed here when the next GTA Online Weekly Update drops in a few days.

Suppose you find anything you like in the current offering. In that case, you might want to purchase it immediately, as there’s no guarantee the same item will be listed again in a future inventory refresh.

Nevertheless, here is the current Gun Truck inventory as of May 22, 2023.


  • Unholy Hellbringer
image 132
  • Special Carbine
2 28
  • Heavy Revolver
6 6
  • Minigun
7 3
  • Grenade Launcher
8 1
  • Sniper Rifle
9 4


  • Molotov
10 3
  • Proximity Mine
11 5
  • Grenade
12 4

Body Armor

  • Super Light Armor
13 5
  • Light Armor
14 4
  • Standard Armor
15 2
  • Heavy Armor
16 1
  • Super Heavy Armor
17 3

Guns on Wheels

The Gun Truck carries a variety of illegal weapons that are likely sourced from illegal suppliers in GTA Online. As such, the Gun Truck tends to move around the map a lot to avoid being tracked by the cops.

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Nevertheless, the Gun Truck is probably the only way to get high-powered Weapons that you likely won’t be able to acquire through normal means, so it might be worth tracking down this illegal gun merchant on wheels to check its current offerings. Just be ready to pay a premium for black-market weapons, throwables, and body armor.

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