How to convert VALORANT to CSGO sens and vice versa


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Keeping a consistent in-game sensitivity is one of the keys to building the muscle memory required to execute those juicy flicks.

How to convert VALORANT to CSGO sens and vice versa

VALORANT and CSGO are two of the most popular tactical FPS games in the market today. CSGO has been around for a much longer time and arguably has a bigger fanbase than VALORANT. However, VALORANT is no slouch and continues to rake in thousands of new players every month.

As tac-shooters, CSGO and VALORANT require precise, repeatable, and smooth aim to play at a high level – something that is difficult to do if you’re switching from one game sens to another frequently.

With this in mind, we will teach you how to convert VALORANT to CSGO sens so that you can start getting comfortable with your mouse sensitivity for both games even when you’re switching between both of these games regularly.


Mouse sensitivity varies from one game to another. But you already probably know that. It all comes down to perspective and how the game devs picture the game environment in these games. In games like CSGO and VALORANT, this is more commonly known as POV.

CSGO has a default FOV of 90 degrees, while VALORANT has a FOV of 103 degrees. This distinction in visual perspective is why your in-game mouse sensitivity in CSGO does not equal your in-game mouse sensitivity for VALORANT.

Convert VALORANT to CSGO sens

To convert your VALORANT sens to CSGO and vice versa, you first have to take note of your VALORANT/CSGO sensitivity.

You can try one of two options when converting your VALORANT to CSGO sens and vice versa.

  • Use a manual conversion table
  • Use an online mouse sensitivity converter

Manual Conversion from VALORANT to CSGO Sens

To convert your VALORANT sens to CSGO sens, multiply your VALORANT sensitivity by 3.18.

(VALORANT Sensitivity x 3.18 = CSGO Sensitivity)

Manual Conversion from CSGO to VALORANT Sens

To convert your CSGO sens to VALORANT sens, divide your CSGO sensitivity by 3.18.

(CSGO Sensitivity / 3.18 = VALORANT Sensitivity)

Use an Online Mouse Sensitivity Calculator

Alternatively, you can pick and use any of the Online Mouse Sensitivity Calculator websites below:

  • Mouse Sensitivity Converter/Calculator
  • Free Mouse Sensitivity Converter Calculator

All these online options pretty much work the same way. You choose the game you are converting from and to and input your Game Sensitivity for the game you’re converting from.

1 45
Gamingsmart Mouse Sensitivity Converter/Calculator

Consistency is Key

A consistent and repeatable aim is key to landing those nasty flick shots in VALORANT and CSGO. The only way to get that kind of aim is to train with the same mouse sensitivity, so your brain won’t have to relearn the amount of hand movement required to move the mouse to an exact location.

Through the sensitivity conversions above, you won’t have to worry about altering your mouse movement when switching between VALORANT and CSGO. Fire up the game and enjoy the same consistent mouse feel you enjoy in both games.

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