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F1 2021 can get a little bit, annoying I would say. Like in real life, players will have to go through practice sessions, qualifying and racing. But hey, who needs practice sessions am I right? Well, if you’re that skilled, which I’m not saying you aren’t, you can skip the practice altoghether. This is called quick practice, and it was available in F1 2020 as well. Below, you will find out how to do a quick practice in F1 2021!

How To Do Quick Practice In F1 2021

F1 2021: How To Do A Quick Practice

While they weren’t major, there were UI changes made to the game this year-round. In some cases, the menus are relatively the same, while in other cases, they can be very different.

As an example, to do a quick practice now, it is more difficult, since it is ‘hidden’. It is not hidden per se, but veteran players do seem to struggle to find it.

If you’re wondering how to do a quick practice in F1 2021, and can’t seem to find the button, follow these steps:

  1. Open up the menu for your practice sessions.
  2. Click on the practice session you want to complete.
  3. You’ll see two options now:
    1. Go to track;
    1. Go to quick practice.
  4. Select ‘Go To Quick Practice’.
  5. Now, it will simulate the practice session.

After getting an achievement or something else, players can then retire from the practice session altogether, and continue with the following pre-race events.

This is a great way to skip those annoying practice sessions, if you want to get to qualifying or racing as fast as possible. You do get trophies and achievements as I’ve mentioned, this way as well.

There were also other features in this latest installment of F1, which also improve the overall gaming experience. As the years go by, the official F1 videogame feels more and more like a triple-A game thanks to advances in the game’s mechanics, graphics, and overall game.

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