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Riot Games’ tactical shooter is one of the hottest FPS games on the market. Learn how to download and play VALORANT through this guide.

How to Download VALORANT

Riot Games’ Tactical FPS game is one of the most popular online FPS games right now.

According to, VALORANT boasts an impressive 15.6 million Average Monthly Players and 1.5 million Active Daily players as of May 2022. In addition, as many as 400,000 to 800,000 of these VALORANT players are playing the game concurrently at any given time.

It is not too late to join the VALORANT hype train. If nothing else, now is a better time than ever to get started in VALORANT. So if you are wondering how to download VALORANT so you can start playing online with friends, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how to download VALORANT and install it on your PC.

VALORANT Download Size

You’re probably wondering how big is VALORANT in the current patch but don’t worry. As of Patch 5.0, VALORANT is only less than 25 GB in download size, which means that if you have at least 100 MB/s download speeds, you can complete your VALORANT download in less than an hour. 

That number goes even further if your internet download speed is much faster than our example above.

How to Download VALORANT

If your download speeds are decent, you can easily download VALORANT in less than an hour. All you need is at least 25 GB worth of disk space and an active Riot Games account so you can start playing as soon as the download completes.

Here is how to download VALORANT on your PC:

  1. Go to the VALORANT Official Website:

2. Click on “Play Free”:

3. Click “Sign in” to log in to your Riot Games account if you already have one. Otherwise, click on “Make One”:

4. We already have a Riot Games account, so we chose to Sign In instead:

5. Click on Download:

6. Choose a download destination:

7. Double-click on the Install VALORANT.exe file:

8. Click on “Install”:

Alternatively, you can click on “Advanced Options” to change your VALORANT install directory:

The game should start downloading. In the meantime, you can opt to log in to your Riot Games account so you can play right away once the download completes.


Riot Games’ 5v5 online FPS Tactical Shooter will only become more popular as the months go by. The VALORANT team is constantly working to improve their beloved game, and with the recent release of VALORANT Patch 5.0, players have been given more incentive to keep playing and improving in-game.

If you have no idea where to start in VALORANT, we recommend you check out our library of VALORANT Guides to kickstart your VALORANT journey.

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