How to get 21% Delirium in Destiny 2


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Today, fine gents and gentle ladies, we’re talking Destiny 2 Machine Guns. Heavy weaponry. The kinds of guns that go brrrrrrr and run out of ammo way, way too quickly. This article focuses on one specifically that, at this stage, you’re probably just getting to round out your Collections tab. Yes — we’re diving into how to get 21% Delirium in Destiny 2.

How to get 21% Delirium in Destiny 2

Where did you get the gun originally before it moved to its current acquisition spot? Where’s it at now? And what’ll it take for you to get one of your very own? Sit back, relax, and then un-sit-back and un-relax because you need to lean forward to read the rest of the guide.

21% Delirium was once a Pinnacle weapon

How to get 21% Delirium in Destiny 2 Drifter

Remember Pinnacle weapons? The ones that were actually pretty darn good and made you pleased about getting them? 21% Delirium started out as one of those. To get it, you picked up a Quest from the Drifter that essentially asked you to complete the “Notorious Hustle” Triumph. Wasn’t all that difficult. Was a tiny bit time consuming.

Then came Sunsetting. At some point, Bungie decided weapons of a certain age should be left behind and have their ability to be infused removed. When that occurred, there was really no point in having a Quest for 21% Delirium. It couldn’t be a current weapon anymore.

But as you’ve probably guessed, there is still a process for how to get 21% Delirium in Destiny 2. How, you ask? Read on.

You can buy 21% Delirium in the Tower

Monument to Lost Lights

The Monument to Lost Lights in Destiny 2 is a rather helpful catch-up kiosk for those who’ve missed out on past weapons and items. It is here you’ll be able to purchase 21% Delirium, though it will cost you some of your precious resources.

To get started, head to the Tower and find the Monument in between the Vault kiosks. Open it, enter the “Legacy Gear” section and locate 21% Delirium in the second spot under “Gambit Weapons.”

To buy it, you’ll need:

If you have all that handy, you should be able to go ahead and buy the gun. Just like that, you’re ready to brrrrrrreak some bad guys.

And that’s how to get 21% Delirium in Destiny 2

Sadly, this weapon isn’t viable in activities where Power Level matters. You can blame Sunsetting for that. You may have fun with it in normal playlist Strikes, though, or perhaps in the Crucible.

At the very least, you can fill in that slightly-darkened box in your Collections tab by obtaining 21% Delirium. If you’re the type who must get all the things, it’ll at least help you check one more of those boxes.

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