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Welcome to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom‘s fascinating world, where players embark on epic quests and face various challenges. Link is blessed with new abilities to aid Link on his adventure in this amazing installment of the beloved franchise.

How To Get Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom

Among these extraordinary abilities is the prized Autobuild ability. This guide will dig into the complexities of getting the Autobuild ability. Here, the steps will be revealed that will allow Link to modify the environment around him and overcome the challenges that lie ahead.

As you unlock the power of Autobuild in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, prepare to enter a world of magic, strategy, and unlimited possibilities. Now, let’s figure out how to get Autobuild in Tears of the Kingdom!

What is The Autobuild Ability

The Autobuild Ability is one of Link’s five new powers in Tears of the Kingdom. This ability saves the objects and contraptions that Link has created using the Ultrahand Ability.  

The Autobuild Ability can store up to 30 attached creations using the Ultrahand ability. Once Link creates more, the oldest of the 30 are deleted. Also, among these 30 saved creations, the player can select up to eight as favorites. Doing so will prevent them from being replaced and deleted.

Link can acquire Schema Stones and Yiga Schematics to expand Link’s collection of possible contraptions. These Schema Stones and Yiga Schematics are blueprints of pre-made vehicles and devices that Link can get ideas from or create. Link can find 11 Schema Stones and 32 Yiga Schematics in Tears of the Kingdom.

Using the Autobuild ability, a circle with a transparent preview of the planned contraption will appear. The player can move this circle in a certain radius around Link. Then, any object nearby that was previously utilized to create the planned contraption is automatically moved into its designated spot in the build. 

To create the planned contraption but with parts missing for the build, Link can spend Zonaite to create a replica of the missing object to complete the build. But, unlike their real counterparts, Link can’t rearrange the replica parts in the build. Doing so will break the replica. This means that the Zonaite spent to make it is wasted.

How to Get the Autobuild Ability

Unlike the rest of Link’s abilities, Link cannot get the Autobuild ability in the Great Sky Island. This ability is not even on the surface of Hyrule. Link can find the last power for his arsenal in the Depths.

To get the Autobuild ability, Link must take on the “A Mystery in the Depths” Main Quest. This is one of the first few Main Quests in the game once Link has reached Lookout Landing on the surface of Hyrule.

Before Link can get this Main Quest, however, Link must complete the “Camera Work in the Depths” Main Quest from Josha in Lookout Landing before Link can get this Main Quest. In this Main Quest, Link will drop down a Chasm for the first time and reach the Depths. Also, Robbie will teach Link how to use the Camera.

If, for some reason, the “A Mystery in the Depths” Main Quest is not available yet once Link has returned to Josha, try completing a few Shrines and other Main Quests, then return to Josha.

A Mystery in the Depths

To start this Main Quest, head to Lookout Landing and talk to Josha again. She will then say that she has found more fragments from the stuff their survey team brought from the Depths. Then, using these fragments, Josha found a whole series of statues in the depths, the same statues that Link took a photo of in the previous Main Quest, that led to a temple.

So, Josha will ask Link to follow the statues and reach the temple, which looks like it has something of Zonai origin. To help with the journey, Josha will give Link 10 Giant Brightbloom Seeds and 10 Arrows. After that, Link will start the “A Mystery in the Depths” Main Quest!

This Main Quest will require Link to explore the Depths. So, ready your weapons and shields, stock up on healing items and Brightbloom Seeds, and let’s head to the Depths!

To complete this Main Quest and get the Autobuild ability, this is what Link must do:

1. Follow The Statues

First, fast travel to the Lightroot, where the first statue was found, the Iayusus Lightroot. From there, follow where the large statue faces to find a trail of statues

Link can light up the dark path using Brightbloom Seeds. Also, it is important to note that Link will pass through two Lightroots on the way to the temple. These Lightroots are the Nihcayam Lightroot and the Nogukoyk Lightroot. Activate these Lightroots to brighten the surroundings and unlock the area on Link’s map.

Link may have to defeat enemies as he follows the statues. Remember that enemies that are infected with Gloom can deal damage to Link and also infect Link with Gloom. When this happens, Link will not be able to heal the hearts affected by the damage. To counter that, Link must head to any Lightroots to get the hearts back or consume items that heal the Gloom damage.

2. The Great Abandoned Central Mine

Link will not find a temple at the end of the trail of large statues but will reach the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Go through the mine entrance, and there, Link will find a Steward Construct with the symbol that Link can activate using Rauru’s arm.

There are also two researchers, two plank wood sets, and four wheels. Examine the symbol from the Steward Construct, and a waypoint to the area is activated. 

After that, the Steward Construct will give Link the Autobuild ability! However, Link is not off the hook yet and must finish this quest!

Once Link has the Autobuild ability, the two researchers will be surprised that the Steward Construct gave Link the power they have been researching. One of the researchers will then ask Link for a demonstration. This next part will be the tutorial section on using the Autobuild ability.

Autobuild Demonstration

To demonstrate the new power, one of the researchers will ask Link to repair both of their vehicles, which are two sets of a plank of wood and four wheels. To do that, this is what Link must do:

  1. Hold the L button and select the Ultrahand ability with the right stick. Press the L button again to ready the Ultrahand ability and aim at the wheel not attached to the contraption on the circle pedestal.
  2. Press the A button to grab the wheel and rotate it upright by holding the R button and using the directional buttons. Bring it near the contraption on the spot where the wheel should be and press the A button to attach the wheel
  3. Next, the researcher will ask Link to use the Autobuild ability to repair the contraption on the square pedestal. Hold the L button and use the right stick to select the Autobuild ability. Press the L button again to select a contraption to build.
  4. As Link just completed the previous vehicle using the Ultrahand ability, the contraption is added to the history section of the Autobuild ability. Press the A button to select this vehicle contraption, and the preview will start using the parts on the square pedestal. Finally, press the A button again to start automatically building the vehicle contraption.

After that, the researchers will be shocked at what they just saw. They will say that the power is incredible and that it is the power that they are searching for. Next, one of the researchers will call their master.

3. Master Kohga

Then, Master Kohga, the leader of the Yiga Clan, will appear. The two researchers are Yiga Clan spies trying to get the Autobuild ability for themselves. Master Kohga will then recognize Link and be angry at him for what Link did to him in Breath of the Wild. He will declare that Link is his sworn enemy and that he is living for vengeance.

Master Kohga will then explain that they have been looking for the Autobuild ability to give to the Magnificent One, who they worship and revere. He says the Magnificent One would have crushed both Link and Zelda using the power, but Link snatched that power away. Because of that, Master Kohga will fight Link to snatch the power back. And so, a battle will commence!

Next, Link must now defeat Master Kohga! During this battle, Master Kohga will use a large bulldozer with spikes in the front and try to hit Link with it. To defeat Master Kohga, run towards the side of the bulldozer to evade it. Then, shoot arrows at Master Kohga to stun him and stop the bulldozer. After that, once Master Kohga is stunned, he quickly runs to him and deals melee damage using Link’s various weapons. 

These are the basics of attacking Master Kohga. He will add barriers on top of his bulldozer as the battle goes on, making hitting him with arrows harder. During this, Link can hit him with arrows from behind. Also, Master Kohga will attach rockets to the bulldozer at some parts of the battle to rush toward Link. But this attack is still easy to dodge. Keep doing the tips mentioned to deal damage and eventually defeat Master Kohga!

4. Schema Stone

After defeating Master Kohga, he will leave, and a treasure chest will appear in front of Link. Open the chest to obtain a Huge Crystallized Charge. Also, the “Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan” Side Adventure will begin!

Next, a Steward Construct will talk to Link and thank him for getting rid of the trespassers. Then, the Steward Construct will tell Link to follow another trail of statues to reach the mine where Master Kohga is headed. Additionally, the Steward Construct will refer Link to another Steward Construct as there is something that they want Link to have.

Go to the other Steward Construct, talk to it, and it will also thank Link for getting rid of the trespassers. After that, the Steward Construct will give Link a Schema Stone. This will give Link a schematic for a contraption and save it on the Autobuild ability menu. The Schema Stone, the Steward Construct, gave Link for a Fanplane, a Zonai Wing with three Zonai Fans attached.

After that, the Steward Construct will prepare the parts needed for Link to try out the Fanplane Schematic. Once done, hold the L button and use the right stick to select the Autobuild ability. Press the L button again to select a contraption to build and select the Fanplane.

The preview will start using the parts prepared by the Steward Construct. Finally, press the A button again to start automatically building the Fanplane. Link can use this Fanplane to get to the Lightroot just ahead of the mine.

Additionally, the Great Abandoned Central Mine will now become active. Here, Link can purchase Zonai Charges and Crystallized Charges.

5. Back to Lookout Landing

Next, head back to Lookout Landing and speak with Josha. She will then be surprised by all Link learned in the Depths. Then, Josha will give Link another Schema Stone. This Schema Stone is for a Hot-Air Balloon

After that, Josha will ask Link to fix the Hot-Air Balloon outside to demonstrate the Autobuild ability. Go near the parts for the Hot-Air Balloon, hold the L button, and use the right stick to select the Autobuild ability.

Press the L button again to select a contraption to build and select the Hot-Air Balloon. The preview for it will start using the parts prepared by Josha. Finally, press the A button again to start automatically building the Hot-Air Balloon.

Then, Josha will be surprised about how fast that was fixed and call Robbie. Robbie will then also be surprised that the hot-air balloon is fixed. After that, Josha will thank Link and give him a Large Zonaite. After a few more bits of dialogue, the “A Mystery in the Depths” Main Quest is now completed!


The Autobuild ability in Tears of the Kingdom allows players to explore a world of limitless creativity and options for strategy. Autobuild allows users to leave their mark on the rich and immersive universe of the game. This ability has made each playthrough unique, with varied possibilities.

Players may unleash the full potential of Autobuild and embark on an exceptional adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with dedication, perseverance, and a dash of imagination. So grab your sword, collect your wits, and prepare to unleash your inner architect as you embark on an adventure unlike any other in the sky, surface, and depths of the kingdom of Hyrule.

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