How to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2


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In Destiny 2, there are so many currencies. So many. Some have names that may appear to make sense, but they actually don’t. Like Enhancement Cores. What are they enhancing? Nothing at all. They’re just another thing for you to collect and spend. But presumably you’re here because you need some. You need to know how to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2.

How to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2

Well, let’s get to it then.

Dismantle Gear

Enhancement Cores are a Legendary currency. One way you can get some? Dismantling Legendary armor and weapons. This is not foolproof. It doesn’t happen every single time. But dismantle enough purple stuff and you can usually count on at least a few Enhancement Cores.

Do Bounties

Bounties give you chores to do in exchange for XP. Turn them in, you get a nice little boost of experience — along with Enhancement Cores from time to time.

Complete Specific Activities

The activities that award Enhancement Cores can change from season to season. If Bungie wants an activity to shell them out, it makes them happen. If not, not. So how can you tell if an activity will give you some of these wonderful morsels after you wrap it up? Hover over it in the director and peep the rewards at the bottom of the activity card.

Visit the Spider

This method is only good until February 2022, when the Tangled Shore is vaulted and the Spider is blown up or fed to Savathun or something. But you need to know how to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2, and we’re going to be thorough in this moment.

The Spider is sort of a currency trader. Visit him on the right day, and he’ll give you Enhancement Cores in exchange for some other currency. Just be sure you have enough of what you’re giving away to fund your other activities and purchases in the game. Go a bit overboard and you could find yourself back at the Spider, trading something else away to get enough of what you parted with originally.

And that’s how to get Enhancement Cores in Destiny 2

And there you have it, folks! Be sure to check back here in February 2022, as this information will almost certainly change. We definitely know Spider is going to get killed, right? That has to be how that whole situation goes down.

That aside, we’re sure the other current Enhancement Core sources will get shuffled around, too. So bookmark this page and come back to ensure you have the freshest info. Til then, see you around.

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