How to get Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2


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Enhancement Prisms are a pretty vital part of the Destiny 2 endgame. You need them to finish off Masterworks of your gear, and because this game is all about the grind, they’re not as easy to come by as, say, Glimmer. But where do they come from? Where do you get your hands on these items so you can perfect your build and loadout? If you need to know how to get Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2, we’ve got a very handy guide for you below. Scroll down and get to reading.

How to get Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2

Enhancement Prisms can be purchased from the Gunsmith

If you don’t want to fiddle around with other methods, the most direct way to net yourself some Enhancement Prisms is to buy them outright from Banshee-44, the Gunsmith. You’ll find the Prisms at the bottom of his Kiosk screen, and typically, you’ll need to fork over some other resources in order to make the purchase. For instance, Banshee-44 may want 10 Enhancement Cores, 25 Microphasic Datalattice, and 10,000 Glimmer. What Banshee-44 requires in a trade could differ depending on when you visit.

Enhancement Prisms can be earned from Core Activity Vendors

When you level up Crucible, Vanguard and Gambit Vendors, you could potentially earn yourself some Enhancement Prisms and save yourself from having to spend any resources. In Season of the Lost, for example, Lord Shaxx awards you two Enhancement Prisms for reaching the third of his ranking system (this is before you “prestige” and reset, of course).

You can buy Enhancement Prisms from Spider

Spider is a sort of one-stop shop for all things resource and currency in game. If you need to know how to get Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2 (or anything else for that matter), he’s usually a good place to start. One thing you should know, however, is that Spider will only part with a finite number of Enhancement Prisms per day. So if you need a whole lot of them, you’ll have to supplement his supply with Prisms from elsewhere.

The Season Pass rewards Enhancement Prisms

Once you reach a high enough rank in the paid tier of the Season Pass, you’ll be able to start picking up some caches of Enhancement Prisms. While these drops are certainly handy, it’s worth keeping in mind that you usually have to level up quite a bit before you get access to them (in Season of the Lost, the first drop doesn’t show up until tier 60).

And that is how to get Enhancement Prisms in Destiny 2

Hopefully you now have a good idea of all the different avenues available for procuring Enhancement Prisms in the game. These are necessary for Masterworking Armor and weapons, so it is best to have some on supply in case you happen upon an item you really like.

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