How to get Eriana’s Vow in Destiny 2


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Eriana’s Vow is a Hand Cannon that really packs a punch, and if you don’t believe me, all you have to do is shoot it yourself. This pistol kicks like a Sniper Rifle, and even has a scope attached to the top of it for pinpoint accuracy. Not only that, it takes green bricks of Energy Ammo. That’s how you know it’s serious. If this sounds good to your ears, you’ve probably reached the point where you’re wondering how to get Eriana’s Vow in Destiny 2. Fortunately, the guide below is here to help you out.

How to get Eriana's Vow in Destiny 2

Eriana’s Vow is a relic of the Shadowkeep expansion

How old is Eriana’s Vow, you ask? Try October 2019. This Exotic Hand Cannon dropped along with the Shadowkeep expansion that saw Guardians take to the Moon, where we — spoiler alert — encountered a Darkness Pyramid Ship for the very first time. We had Eriana’s Vow along for the ride, along with its rather absurdly difficult Catalyst Quest. But that’s a topic for another day.

Back then, Eriana’s was practically handed out to you. Now that we’re a ways past Shadowkeep, however, Destiny 2 has moved on and has given away plenty of other Season Pass Exotics since. So if you need to know how to get Eriana’s Vow in Destiny 2, there are two answers to the question. You can either travel back in time, or you can buy it.

You can purchase Eriana’s Vow from the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

The Monument to Lost Lights is a bit of a time travel machine in its own way. It basically lets you acquire weapons from the past that you’d otherwise not be able to obtain, whether they’re from older Season Passes, Raids, or Exotic Quests that have been removed courtesy of the Destiny Content Vault.

Eriana’s Vow can be found in the Monument, provided you have the required currencies and materials. Before you can pick it up, you’ll need:

Once you’ve got all that, open the Monument to Lost Lights (located in between the Vault terminals in the Tower) and navigate to the section called “Shadowkeep Exotics.” From there, you’ll find Eriana’s Vow one spot over from the left. Highlight it, press the appropriate button or key to buy it, and it’s yours.

And that’s how to get Eriana’s Vow in Destiny 2

You will undoubtedly have a lot of fun with Eriana’s Vow, especially if you use it against Champions or if you take it into the Crucible. Where Champions are concerned, Eriana’s Vow has built-in anti-barrier, which makes it choice for taking down those pesky shields. For Crucible, you will absolutely love this in Momentum Control. A Hand Cannon that pops your foes in one shot? Yes please.

Test Eriana’s out to see where it fits in your toolkit. And try working it into a combination with some sort of bow, too. I promise you won’t regret it.

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