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Fiber is a material used to craft plenty of items in Stardew Valley. It can be obtained by cutting Weed Plants that naturally spawn on your farm or in the wilds. More often than not, you may find yourself running out of fiber and scouring for weed plants. Here is a guide to help you farm lots of fiber for all your crafting needs!

How to Get Fiber in Stardew Valley

It’s easy to gather fiber in your first year, given that you are left to take care of an abandoned farm full of wild grass at the start of the game. But after some time, your farm will be filled with buildings, fences, and machines. Weed plants do not grow in areas occupied with objects, but they can spawn near crop fields. And if left uncleared, weeds can grow on top of fruit and vegetable crops — destroying them in the process.

So instead of letting the weed plants spread wildly on your farm just so you can have a primary source of fiber, you can try these other methods below.

Mutant Bug Lair

The Mutant Bug Lair is an underground area that can only be entered once you encounter The Dark Talisman quest.

The Dark Talisman is an item you will need to get for the Wizard. Besides the Wizard, the only person you can talk to about this quest is Krobus, a mystical shadow being from another realm. Krobus can only be found in the Sewers. (Save for that one cutscene where he is seen swimming with Midnight Jellies!)

After inquiring from Krobus about the Dark Talisman, he will inform you that the item is enclosed in a treasure chest in the Mutant Bug Lair. Krobus will use his powers to open up a hidden door found in the left section of the Sewers.

You can expect enemies, like flying bugs and creepy crawlies, to attack you while you make your way to the treasure chest. The lair can be accessed at any time, even after completing the quest. Weed plants also spawn here regularly, making the Mutant Bug Lair an ideal place for farming fiber.

Weeds also grow in various places above the Sewers and Mutant Bug Lair. Listed below are all the locations where weed plants can spawn:

  • A fenced-in area near the Community Center
  • The Railroad
  • Cindersap Forest
  • The Mines (Levels 25 to 29 and 81 to 109)
  • Ginger Island Farm
  • Ginger Island Rainforest

Fiber Seeds

If you feel inclined to grow weed grass on your farm but do not wish to ruin your crops, you can plant some Fiber seeds.

Fiber seeds are only unlocked after you complete the Community Cleanup quest, a Special Order requested by Linus. He will provide you with the recipe for Fiber seeds through mail the day after you fulfill the quest.

You can make a pack of Fiber seeds with 1 Mixed Seed, 5 Sap, and 1 Clay. Plant these seeds on tilled soil, and they will sprout fully-matured grass after a week. These are special crops that do not require water to grow. Fiber crops can also survive and thrive in winter.

Use your Scythe or Golden Scythe for Fiber plants. They can yield four to seven pieces of fiber per crop. Occasionally, you can also get mixed seeds from Fiber crops.

Other Ways to Get Fiber

If you’re playing on the Wilderness Farm map, you can obtain fiber by defeating Wilderness Golems. Wilderness Golems are monsters that only appear on your monster-infested farm at night. There’s a high chance for them to drop fiber, along with other resources. Golems move slowly, so you can easily knock them out. 

Players who chose another map layout can still encounter Wilderness Golems and other hostile creatures on their farm, presuming that the Dark Shrine of Night Terrors shrine is toggled on. The shrine is inside the Witch’s Hut, along with two other dark shrines. You can offer it a Strange Bun if you want monsters to run wild on your farm.

And lastly, you can get fiber from the Desert Trader. The Desert Trader’s shop is found in Calico Desert next to the bus terminal. On Tuesdays, the Desert Trader includes Fiber in her stock. She can give you one fiber in exchange for five stones.

Uses of Fiber

Fiber is one of the most sought-after resources in Stardew Valley. And that’s because Fiber is used to craft essential items such as the Scarecrow, which you will most likely need to progress in the early game. We have listed below all the crafted items and farm structures that require Fiber as an ingredient or building material.

Recipes obtained by leveling up


Source: Starter Item

Ingredients: 10 Fiber, 10 Wood, and 10 Stones


Source: Reach Farming Level 1

Ingredients: 20 Fiber, 50 Wood, and 1 Coal


Source: Reach Farming Level 7

Ingredients: 30 Fiber, 60 Wood, and 1 Pine Tar

Worm Bin

Source: Reach Fishing Level 8

Ingredients: 50 Fiber, 25 Hardwood, 1 Gold Bar, and 1 Iron Bar

Tree Fertilizer

Source: Reach Foraging Level 7

Ingredients: 5 Fiber and 5 Stones

Warp Totem: Beach

Source:  Reach Foraging Level 6

Ingredients: 10 Fiber, 1 Hardwood, and 2 Corals

Warp Totem: Farm

Source:  Reach Foraging Level 8

Ingredients: 20 Fiber, 1 Hardwood, and 1 Honey

Cookout Kit

Source: Reach Foraging Level 9

Ingredients: 10 Fiber, 3 Coal, and 15 Wood

Recipes obtained by gaining friendship hearts

Flute Block

Source: Encounter Robin’s 6-heart Event

Ingredients: 20 Fiber, 10 Wood, and 2 Copper Ores

Drum Block

Source: Encounter Robin’s 6-heart Event

Ingredients: 20 Fiber, 10 Stones, and 2 Copper Ores

Tea Sapling

Source: Reach Friendship Level 2 with Caroline

Ingredients: 5 Fiber, 2 Wild Seeds (Any), and 5 Wood

Wild Bait

Source: Encounter Linus’ 4-heart Event

Ingredients: 10 Fiber, 5 Slimes, and 5 Bug Meat

Recipes purchased from shops

Grass Starter

Source: Pierre’s General Store

Ingredients: 10 Fiber

Straw Floor

Source: Robin’s Carpenter Shop

Ingredients: 1 Fiber and 1 Wood

Wooden Brazier

Source: Robin’s Carpenter Shop

Ingredients: 5 Fiber, 10 Wood, and 1 Coal 

Stone Brazier

Source: Robin’s Carpenter Shop

Ingredients: 5 Fiber, 10 Stones, and 1 Coal

Gold Brazier

Source: Robin’s Carpenter Shop

Ingredients: 5 Fiber, 10 Gold Bars, and 1 Coal

Deluxe Retaining Soil

Source: Island Trader

Ingredients: 3 Fiber, 5 Stones, and 1 Clay

Recipe received as a reward

Deluxe Scarecrow

Source: Sent via Mail after collecting all Rarecrows

Ingredients: 40 Fiber, 50 Wood, and 1 Iridium Ore

Farm Buildings

Junimo Hut

Building Materials: 100 Fiber, 200 Stones, 9 Starfruits, and 20,000g


Building Materials: 10 Fiber, 5 Wood, and 100g

And that is how you farm for Fiber effectively. If you want to know more about where or how to obtain resources in Stardew Valley, check out our other guides here on Player Assist!

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