How to Get Food in Grounded & How To Cook It



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Like any good survival game, Grounded has a number of different resources that you need to manage as you make your way through the world.

How to Get Food in Grounded & How To Cook It

Of all of these, food is one of the most important. While it’s not the rarest resource you need to find, nor the most important, it is the most fleshed out system that is going to help you as you move into the late game.

There are a number of insects in the game that provide you with edible meat. Gnats, weevils, aphids, spiders, and more all drop meat in some form or another. While you can’t eat this meat raw, there is a simple way for you to cook it.

There are also a few plants that you can eat, most notably, mushrooms.

How to cook meat in grounded

To cook your insect meat in Grounded, you’re going to need a roasting spit. The roasting split is an easy to craft appliance, and you should be able to get one up and running in your first in-game day.

grounded food

To craft one, you’re going to need:

  • X4 Pebblet.
  • X4 Sprig.
  • X3 Dry grass chunk.

The spit should be one of the central points of your camp site, so make sure you build it next to your other equipment. Once you do, you can cook meats over it. The cooking takes a few seconds, and once it’s done, you can eat the meat.

Other grounded food equipment

While the roasting spit is the primary piece of equipment that you’re going to be using for food, you do have a few other options available.

grounded smoothie station

One of the handiest is the smoothie station. To craft the station, you need:

  • X1 Acorn top.
  • X4 Sprigs.
  • X5 Grub goop.

This station lets you craft, well… smoothies. These drinks are going to restore a good chunk of hunger, and a little bit of hydration. However, the biggest benefit to taking advantage of these are the buffs that they bring.

There are a bunch of smoothie recipies that you can discover by mixing ingredients. Each different smoothie grants you a different buff, including increase stamina regen, increased damage, and so on.

These buffs are vital for the late game resource collecting of the game, and are going to make farming spiders significantly easier.

Other food stations in grounded

As well as those two, there are a few other stations that we are going to list off quickly.

⦁ The mushroom garden is going to allow you to plant and grow mushrooms.

⦁ The jerky rack lets you dry out your meat, meaning that it isn’t going to go off like typical cooked meat.

⦁ The dew collector is going to passively collect water for you.

grounded cover water

How to Get Water in Grounded


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