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In Shadowlands, quite a few secrets were added into the game. At the time of writing, not many are uncovered, but what is uncovered is the secret iLVL 180 Sorrowbane sword. This is a two-handed weapon, and while the process to get it can be a bit daunting, it is still a high-level item that you can get for free without much effort. This two-handed sword is best for new characters, and the item level suggests that it is between a Herioc and Mythic dungeon sword!

How to Get Free iLvL 180 Sorrowbane World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

To get it you must be level 60, but as soon as you that level you can get it, which means that you have a really powerful sword on your fresh character.

How to Get Sorrowbane Secret Sword – WoW Shadowlands

  1. Buy a Potion of Unusual Strength from Au’larrynar on the right of the outside of Theatre of Pain in Maldraxxus.
  2. Buy Scroll of Teleport: Theater of Pain from One-Eyed Joby northeast of Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus.
  3. Take flight path to the Wanecrypt Hill, Revendreth.
  4. Buy Strength of Blood from Ta’Tru southwest from Darkhaven. Currency changes every day, so do this first before starting your journey.
  5. Travel back to Maldraxxus and wait for the world quest called “A few bumps along the way”. Start doing this quest, but don’t finish it!
  6. Instead, do it in a raid group so that the quest doesn’t finish. Wait until you get Battle-hardened buff! It will last ten minutes, so the next part you will have to do quickly.
  7. Take a flight path to the Renounced Bastille in Maldraxxus. Consume four red mushrooms from here:
  8. Use the Teleport Scroll to get back to Theater of Pain. Make sure the timer for the buffs didn’t run out.
  9. Use all of the other potions that you’ve bought and at the location below, click the hand on the sword first, then the sword it self:

Make sure that all your buffs are still available to you, and that the timer didn’t run out. This is crucial because if one of them runs out, you won’t be able to pull the sword.

It will prompt you that you’re not strong enough to take it out. If it says exactly that, repeat the whole process, and closely keep on eye on the buffs from the quest!

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