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Mining is an important activity that allows players to get resources and treasures in Stardew Valley. One of the resources you can acquire from mining is a Geode or a hollow rock that contains different kinds of items.

How to Get Geodes in Stardew Valley

Unlike most spoils obtained straight from smashing rocks, Geodes can only have value when they are cracked open by a blacksmith named Clint for 25g.

You can also use a Geode Crusher to extract items from a Geode. The Geode Crusher is a refining machine that can be crafted after completing the Cave Patrol special order quest. You will need 2 Bars of Gold, 50 pieces of Stone, and 1 Diamond to make a Geode Crusher.

During your playthrough, you will unearth four types of Geodes while doing daily tasks like fishing, mining, or killing monsters. Here are all the ways you can acquire Geodes in the game.


Stones with Geodes inside mostly spawn on floors 1 to 39 in the Mines. Some abandoned crates or barrels in dungeons contain essential resources, including Geodes. If you’re playing in the Beach Farm map type, you can get Geodes from supply crates that get washed ashore. Players who like fighting monsters may hunt for some Duggies and loot the Geodes they carry.

The artifacts you can procure from a Geode at the start can be donated to Gunther, the local museum’s curator. He works in the Stardew Valley Museum & Library beside the Blacksmith.

The following are the items you can get from a Geode: Stone, Clay, Coal, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Alamite, Calcite, Celestine, Granite, Jagoite, Jamborite, Limestone, Malachite, Mudstone, Nekoite, Orpiment, Petrified Slime, Sandstone, Slate, Thunder Egg, Earth Crystal, and Dwarvish Helm.

Frozen Geodes

Mining rocks can obtain frozen Geodes in the icy sections of the Mines. These tear-shaped rocks can be found on floors 41 to 79, where Dust Sprites, Skeletons, and Ghosts usually spawn.

Another way to get Frozen Geodes is to fish Treasure Chests that may contain them. Playing on a Hill-Top or Four Corners Farm can give you access to a Quarry Mine, which can spawn Frozen Geodes Nodes from time to time. You can also get Frozen Geodes as a gift from your Secret Santa at the Feast of the Winter Star event.

The following are the items you can get from a Frozen Geode: Stone, Clay, Coal, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Aerinite, Esperite, Fairy Stone, Fluropatite, Geminite, Ghost Crystal, Hematite, Kyanite, Lunarite, Marble, Ocean Stone, Opal, Pyrite, Soapstone, Frozen Tear, and Ancient Drum.

Magma Geodes

Magma Geodes are excavated in the Mines on levels where the surroundings become hot. You will likely find Magma Geodes as you destroy rocks on floors 81 to 119.

Mining underground aside, the Quarry Mine feature in the Hill-top Farm or Four Corners Farm can also produce Magma Geodes. Your prized Lava Eels in fish ponds will also reward you with Magma Geodes on several occasions.

The following are the items you can get from a Magma Geode: Stone, Clay, Coal, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Iridium Ore, Baryte, Basalt, Bixite, Dolomite, Fire Opal, Helvite, Jasper, Lemon Stone, Neptunite, Obsidian, Star Shards, Tigerseye, Fire Quartz, and Dwarf Gadget.

Omni Geodes

Omni Geodes are irregularly-shaped mineral deposits that can hold more than one item and have far more valuable content than the previous Geodes.

In true Stardew Valley fashion, Omni Geodes can be acquired by mining rocks and fishing Treasure Chests. Look out for sparkly zones in the rivers, as you can scoop some Omni Geodes there with a Copper Pan. Some artifact spots on Ginger Island have Omni Geodes that can be dug out using a hoe.

Krobus also sells Omni Geodes for 300g each every Tuesday. On Wednesdays, the Oasis Store has some Omni Geodes, but the price is steep, for they are worth 1,000g each.

In later parts of the game, Geodes can be traded for resources or decorations with the Desert Trader. For instance, you can give the trader 3 Omni Geodes for a Warp: Desert Totem.

You can get the following items from an Omni Geode: Prismatic Shard, Aerinite, Alamite, Baryte, Basalt, Bixite, Calcite, Celestine, Dolomite, Esperite, Fairy Stone, Fire Opal, Fluorapatite, Geminite, Ghost Crystal, Granite. Helvite, Hematite, Jagoite, Jamborite, Jasper, Kyanite, Lemon Stone, Limestone, Lunarite, Malachite, Marble, Mudstone, Nekoite, Neptunite, Obsidian, Ocean Stone, Opal, Orpiment, Petrified Slime, Pyrite, Sandstone, Slate, Soapstone, Star Shards, Thunder Egg, Tigerseye, Earth Crystal, Frozen Tear, Fire Quartz, Dwarvish Helm, Dwarf Gadget, and Ancient Drum.

And that is how you obtain Geoedes in Stardew Valley. Check out our other guides on Player Assist if you want to know more about where or how to acquire resources in this game.

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