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Spellbreak has tons of skins. As a mage, you will probably want to look as badass as possible. The most famous skin, however, is called Hollow.

How To Get Hollow Skin In Spellbreak

It is the most hyped-up skin in the game because it has demon features and an undead clothing style. The face is an entirely dark void with white eyes and mouth. It has become a symbol of achievement since only a few have it. That’s why you would want to know how to get the Hollow skin in Spellbreak.

Spellbreak – How To Get The Hollow Skin

would host a tournament every week for new players, and which player gets the most kills or assists gets the Hollow skin as a reward.

This quickly got shut down because the developers felt that experienced players dominated the new players. This was true, and many people got frustrated by this.
Now, you can get it on the main stream of the developers. Proletariat, Spellbreak’s developers, have their stream and host random giveaways every time they go live. And one of the main prizes is usually the Hollow skin.
In the past, after the tournament idea didn’t work, Proletariat tried to introduce other exciting ways of getting this skin. They will host goose chases, which didn’t require a lot of skill. In other words, they posted screenshots of epic chests, and the first players to find all of these got the Hollow skin.

This also got shut for some reason, and they stuck with the regular giveaways now known. But there is also another way you can get this skin.
If you are a content creator or a streamer with a modest following, Proletariat might get you the skin with no strings attached. The developers do not officially state this, but there are instances where content creators got this skin this way.

For example, MARCUSakaAPOSTLE tried everything in his power to win the skin at the tournaments, giveaways, and goose chases but with no luck. He quickly became a meme for his struggle and apparently sent a message to Proletariat.

They reached out to Marcus after quite some time, and now he is the proud owner of a Hollow skin. However, if you are just a regular player, you will need to get it on the giveaways. Good luck!

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