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Much like Randy’s Throwing Knife, I wasn’t all that jacked about Komodo-4FR when it first arrived. However, I soon realized: even partially solid Linear Fusion Rifles are so few and far between in Destiny 2, especially if you need one with a particular element that is not an Exotic. Of course, thanks to sunsetting, this weapon is a lot less viable than it used to be. You can’t bring it up to the current Power Level. But if you still want to know how to get Komodo-4FR in Destiny 2, here’s your guide.

How to get Komodo-4FR in Destiny 2

Komodo-4FR was once a ritual weapon

A few years back, Komodo-4FR was a ritual weapon you’d receive by completing requirements in Competitive Crucible: namely, reaching the “Fabled” rank. You’d think, for that reason, this weapon would be geared more toward PvP. But its perk set — which includes Box Breathing — may actually make it more ideal for PvE.

Komodo-4FR is a Heavy ammo Linear Fusion Rifle with a Solar element, so it could potentially be handy in non-Power-enabled activities when you want those two qualities but don’t want to equip Sleeper Simulant (due to it being an Exotic). Though I could see someone wielding it in Crucible (Quickplay) strictly to shut down Supers, but Heavy ammo doesn’t come often in that game mode and when it does, you don’t want to waste it. It’s tough to recommend anything in the Heavy slot that isn’t a Rocket Launcher (hi, Wardcliff Coil).

Komodo-4FR can be purchased in the Tower

Monument to Lost Lights

Learning how to get Komodo-4FR in Destiny 2 starts with learning about the Monument to Lost Lights. This kiosk — which you can find in the Tower by the Vault terminals — houses Legendary and Exotic weapons from past Seasons and vaulted content drops. This is where you’ll get Komodo-4FR, but before you can, you’ll need to ensure you have the proper materials in your inventory. They are:

When you’re sure you have all that ready, open the Monument and navigate into the “Legacy Gear” section. There, in the Crucible row, you’ll find Komodo-4FR. Ensure you have room on your character, then go ahead and press the button to buy. Congratulations: you’re getting the gun a little late (and it is an uninfusible piece of gear, to boot) but you got to skip a lot of Competitive Crucible.

And that’s how to get Komodo-4FR in Destiny 2

With your acquisition of Komodo-4FR, you are one step closer to rounding out your collection of Destiny 2 weapons. Be sure to check back in the future for more guides on how to get other guns and items in Bungie’s shooter.

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