How to get Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2


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In Destiny 2, Season of the Lost serves as our final piece of content in the year following the Beyond Light expansion. It’ll have to hold Guardians over for six months, too — the Witch Queen release date is in February 2022. That’s a long while. Fortunately, the game added a new Exotic weapon in the form of Lorentz Driver, a Linear Fusion Rifle with rather unique perks. Let’s learn a bit about it first, and then we’ll tell you how to get Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2.

How to get Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2

Lagrangian Sight and Em Anomaly

Wondering what makes Lorentz Driver so special? It’s really two perks that you’ll want this gun for. The first is Langrangian Sight, which marks targets and then drops telemetry patterns from those enemies after you kill them. Pick up three in the same life and you’ll get bonus damage on Lorentz Driver. Neat, right?

It gets better. Another perk on the weapon, Em Anomaly, “creates an implosion that pulls in nearby targets and damages them with an additional detonation” should you land a headshot. As someone who was killed in the Crucible by a headshot from this gun, spawned in right next to my previous spot of death and got sucked into this implosion, I can tell you that a) I am unlucky and b) it is deadly.

So where is this gun then? How do you get Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2? You must be starving for it. Actually, the answer is rather simple.

Lorentz Driver is in the Season of the Lost Season Pass

Congratulations! You are here early enough to actually get your mitts on this weapon while you don’t have to work for it. If you purchase the Season Pass for Season of the Lost, the process for how to get Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2 is as easy as visiting the Seasons screen and selecting the very first unlocked item. Boom: the gun is yours.

Of course, if you aren’t buying the Season Pass, it does still have a free tier, though you’ll need to put in some hours in order to secure the gun. For free players, Lorentz Driver unlocks at Rank 35. You’ll be playing an awful lot of Crucible and running an awful lot of Strikes to reach that point. To skip it entirely, just purchase the full Season Pass.

And that’s how to get Lorentz Driver in Destiny 2

There you have it, folks. You now know where Lorentz Driver is located and just how simple it is to pick up. We’ll be sure to update this post when Season of the Lost winds down, as that will remove this weapon from the Season Pass and will require you to follow some different steps in order to get it. For now, have fun.

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