How to get Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2


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Destiny 2 has so many currencies that the Spider is practically FOREX at this point. Am I right, folks? Bad-dum-tsss. Anyway, just in case you thought there weren’t enough — you lunatic — the game added yet another at the start of Season of the Lost. So if you’re wondering how to get Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2, just so you can try for that God-roll Wolftone Draw or upgrade your Wayfinder’s Compass, look no further.

How to get Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2

Seasonal Activities

I will hand it to Bungie with Season of the Lost: its seasonal activities are only burning people out because the season is six months long — not because they’re boring. Both Astral Alignment and the Shattered Realm are a lot of fun. Do you know what else they are? Great sources of Parallax Trajectory.

Head in, do what you have to do in each, and you’ll get a nice bouquet of Trajectory at the end for your trouble. Then turn right around, go back to the HELM, and spend all that Trajectory trying to get a Wolftone Draw that is even remotely close to your beloved Subtle Calamity. This is not the last time you will hear about the Wolftone in this article.

Playlist Activities

Do you like running Strikes with your pals? How about Crucible? Do you team up with a crew and get the choo-choo going on all those poor solo-queue suckers? Or maybe it’s Gambit? No… no. It’s not Gambit. No one likes Gambit. We’re not going to pretend people play that game mode for fun.

All of the above activities are a kick on their own — with the exception of Gambit — but they’re also great for stacking up on Parallax Trajectory. In fact, if you play them anyway without the motivation of a seasonal currency pushing you, you could find that you hit the Trajectory cap without realizing it. This happens to me all the time in Crucible.

Then what do I do? I take that Parallax Trajectory to the HELM. I drop it into the Umbral Decoder. And then I play Destiny 2‘s version of the claw game, where I try really hard to get the nice Wolftone Draw but it keeps slipping out. I settle for the crapy one instead.

Season Pass

Do you pay for the premium Season Pass? If so, you’ll have even more opportunities to hoard some Parallax Trajectory in the form of Parallax Trajectory Spikes. These show up at scattered intervals in the pass. You unlock them by leveling up. They’re called Spikes because you use them to try and get an amazing Wolftone Draw from the Umbral Decoder, but you can’t, and the disappointment is like someone driving a spike right through your heart.

That’s my theory, anyway.

And that’s how to get Parallax Trajectory in Destiny 2

With that, we’ve laid out all the ways you can get this new Season of the Lost currency in Destiny 2. Go forth, enjoy the rest of the season, and remember what you are to spend that Parallax Trajectory on. It’s not even a question. Don’t make me say it.

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