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Minecraft doesn’t fall short of unique blocks for building and decorating bases like any other sandbox game. Among all the colored blocks in the game, Terracotta is probably the one that stands out above the rest with its colored and glazed variants. And since there is no shortage of options for decorations in Minecraft, with terracotta, you can decorate almost anything.

How To Get Terracotta in Minecraft

Read on to discover how you can get these blocks and all its glazed variants in Minecraft.

How to get Terracotta in Minecraft?

The game has three basic ways to get on undyed terracotta blocks. The first and quickest way is smelting a block of clay in a furnace. The second one is gathering naturally generated blocks from villages, desert pyramids, underwater ruins, trail ruins, and the badlands biome. The last way is by trading with expert-level stone mason villagers. These villagers often sell at least one of sixteen colored blocks as part of their trade.

Terracotta in Badlands Biome

Once you have your undyed blocks ready, you can now dye them. Start by placing eight blocks inside the 3×3 crafting grid of the crafting table in a circular pattern. Then, at the center, simply place a dye of any color. This will turn all the undyed blocks into the dyed variant of the same color.

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How to craft Glazed Terracotta in Minecraft?

You can create its glazed variant now that you have them all dyed. To create glazed terracotta, you only need to smelt it again in a furnace. This will create a well-designed block of the same color, which you can use to decorate your base. Glazed terracotta blocks add a little flair to the usual plain building blocks.

Unlike its regular variant, glazed terracotta blocks are meant to create a larger pattern when these are placed in the right pattern next to each other. Most of the designs in these blocks have a symmetrical pattern, forming a diagonal line from one corner to the next.

How to use Terracotta in Minecraft?

When you place a glazed terracotta block on a surface, the pattern rotates depending on the direction you are facing. And when several blocks are placed in the right orientation, it will form a singular image.

Images formed by placing glazed terracotta together

However, apart from looking unique with its colorful designs and patterns, terracotta and glazed terracotta blocks don’t have much use. It is generally only used decoratively and without much utility. Aside from being used as decoration, these blocks can also be placed under a note block to create a “bass drum” sound.

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