How to Get the Mechanical Shockwave Bow in Fortnite



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The gameplay in Fortnite is evolving every day. We’re sure that many of you remember the days when flying from one end of the map to the other seemed bonkers. At the time, when launch pads were added, it was like you can reach any place you wanted in a matter of seconds. These days though, the gameplay is much faster, and we see new items being added each day.

How to Get the Mechanical Shockwave Bow in Fortnite

One of the most talked about items these days are bows. In this season, there were many bows added with different mechanics, like the Mechanical Shockwave bow.

Crafting a Mechanical Shockwave Bow in Fortnite

Shockwave grenades have been a thing for a while, and when used, they send the player flying across a short distance. They’re great for strategic positioning, but the holding capacity for them was quite low.

With the Mechanical Shockwave bow though, a player has more than 20 arrows which have the same effect as the grenades. To craft a Mechanical Shockwave bow, a player must have:

  • Mechanical bow
  • Shockwave Grenades x2

Now, to get a mechanical bow, you can either go two ways. The blue bows in Fortnite can be found in the wild just laying around, although the chances are quite lower than with let’s say, a green bow.

So, you can either craft a Mechanical bow, or find one laying around, but it is quite easy to craft it. You will need to get a Makeshift bow, and then combine it with four mechanical parts to get the mechanical bow.

After that, it is just a matter of combining the mechanical bow with the shockwave grenades, and you will craft the Mechanical Shockwave bow in Fortnite.

Despite what you might think, this bow is quite potent. In fact, is one of the strongest bows right now. Regardless of being overpowered from the shockwave effect you get, it also deals a lot of damage.

Headshots with this bow just go to show how op bows are in Fortnite at the moment. Whether they’ll get a new update dialing them down is unknown, but still.

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