How to get Truth in Destiny 2


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Truth, an Exotic Rocket Launcher from Destiny 2, is perhaps one of the most entertaining weapons in the game, and for good reason: rockets fired from this beast have some of the most intense tracking you’ll ever see. Truth is a returning gun from the first Destiny, and back when that was all the rage, YouTubers frequently dropped video clips of Truth rockets pursuing enemies to the ends of the earth. Perhaps you saw one of these, and it got you wondering about how to get Truth in Destiny 2. Below, we’re going to run down exactly where you can find it and what you need.

How to get Truth in Destiny 2

Truth was once part of an Exotic Quest

There used to be a time you had to complete a fairly decent Questline in order to obtain Truth in Destiny 2. You basically had to put the pieces of a map revealing its location back together by completing numerous different activities, and then shoot a few orbs in the Warden of Nothing strike to spawn a chest at the end of the activity. Why this Quest was removed is unknown: the Destiny Content Vault did not put any of the locations used in the Quest into storage. Yet Bungie still decided no one should be able to do this anymore.

The good news, at least, is that Truth is still very much in the game, though the path you travel to securing one of your own is much different now. You may even find it to be much, much easier, though that’ll depend on whether or not you have the necessary materials.

You can buy Truth from the Monument to Lost Lights

Monument to Lost Lights

Destiny 2‘s Monument to Lost Lights is a kiosk located in the Tower near the Vault terminals. It basically acts as a vendor that can outfit you with weapons from quests and activities that are no longer in the game. It’s here you can purchase Truth and prepare yourself for a life of shooting off rockets that are very eager to find their targets. In order to get your Truth, though, you’ll need the following materials and currencies:

Once you have all that prepped and ready to go, open the Monument to Lost Lights and navigate to the section titled “Forsaken Exotics.” Once you’re in there, count eight spots over from the left and you’ll find Truth. You should now be able to buy it. It really is that easy.

And that’s how to get Truth in Destiny 2

The trick to shooting Truth is to aim, let it lock on to an enemy (which it does quickly), and then shift your aim way off so the rocket fires at an angle. The ridiculous tracking of your Truth rocket ensures that it’ll do its very best to track that enemy down. These rockets are so dead set in their mission, in fact, that they’ve been known to do complete 180-degree turns to travel to another side of the map when someone goes through a portal. It’s that serious.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this weapon. It is truly a lot of fun to use, and now that it is in the Monument to Lost Lights, getting it is a much more simple task.

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