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The new release of Pokemon Go from Nintendo and its partners at Niantic Labs have created one of the best games of the year. Many Pokemon trainers want to know how to get unlimited Poke balls when playing Pokemon Go, so you can catch all the “rare Pokémon.” The ability to get unlimited Poke balls works on both iOS and Android. In addition, those in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia and other parts of the world can use this with Pokemon Go iOS and Pokemon Go Android. Below we’ll explain how you can get free Pokeballs on Pokemon Go.


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Go to PokéStops

The easiest way to get unlimited Pokeballs on Pokemon Go is to find PokéStops that allow you to get Poke balls for free. In addition, different Pokestop locations also provide other random free items like Eggs, Revives, and other things that help you catch rare Pokemon. Pokestops are the blue squares on your map and are near public places. There’s a good chance that you’ll find a Pokestop near where people gather, unique architecture, landmarks, or public art.

  1. Open up the Pokémon Go app.
  2. Look for the blue squares on your map, that’ll be a PokéStop.
  3. Head over to the PokéStop. When you get close, you’ll see a wheel.
  4. Select on the wheel to spin it.


Buy Poké Balls with PokéCoins

Another option to get unlimited Poke Balls is to use Poke Coins to to buy them. It’s important to note that you need to purchase PokeCoins using actual money that’ll be charged to your account, so be careful not to spend to much money buying PokeCoins.

  1. Open up the Pokémon Go app.
  2. Select on the Main Menu button in Map View.
  3. Select on the Shop button.
  4. Choose and select a Poké Ball pack.
  5. Select on the Exchange For to buy your Poke balls.



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