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There has been a paradigm shift in the way we play music now, as compared to earlier times when people relied on conventional radios, transistors, and cell phones later, before we progressed to smart gadgets. Devices, such as Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus, etc. enable interacting with voice AI, Alexa, making all the information accessible at a voice command.

Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, which gets its name from the Library of Alexandria (known for its attempt to collect all the knowledge in the world) is used primarily for streaming music (though it is capable of much more). Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, gets its name from the Library of Alexandria (known for its attempt to collect all the knowledge in the world) is primarily used for streaming music (though it is capable of much more).

The Amazon music library is the default music streaming app on Alexa, though it could be linked to other apps also, such as Spotify. To unleash the potential of Spotify, you can connect it to your smart speaker device, and link to the intelligent assistant. If you use Alexa, here is how to link Spotify to Alexa.

Steps to Create a Spotify Premium Account

Pairing Spotify to Alexa would require a Spotify premium account, if you don’t have, subscribe it. The free trial, ad-supported tier will not work. Next, select the Profile tab at the top right, followed by Account, to open the account overview page. There, select the GET PREMIUM, and make payment for your preferred plan by choosing available options (credit, debit card or PayPal) from the drop-down box. To kick start your Spotify premium, select the Start My Spotify Premium at the bottom of the page. 

How to Link Spotify to Alexa

The steps below will help you link Spotify and Alexa accounts. You must have a good Wi-Fi connection, and ensure your smart speaker device is online. 

First up, open the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android users can download the app from Apple store and Google play store respectively), and log in with your Amazon account. Now go to settings using the menu tab on the top left corner and select Music and then Link New Service. Choose Spotify and log in with Spotify or Facebook credentials. Tap AGREE after going through the terms and conditions of use, and you will be directed to the confirmation page, select the small x from the top right.

To enjoy all services offered by Spotify, change the default music service from Amazon Prime Music to Spotify on your Echo and Fire TV devices. Tap settings page, go to music, and then Default Services, and select Spotify. Following these steps will enable accessing Spotify library using Alexa commands. Setting Alexa as default music service will use Spotify first for playing any music. Isn’t it simple! Hopefully, it answers all your questions related to how to link Spotify to Alexa.

Some voice commands that you can try

The confluence of Alexa and Spotify can enhance your music listening experience. Alexa can assist with finding some untapped genres, and there is a lot more than you can explore using it. We have listed some of the music voice commands that you can try using Alexa. 

“Alexa shuffle/stop shuffling”

“Alexa stop/play/resume”

“Alexa, play some music”, would enable streaming music through Spotify.

“Alexa volume up/volume down/volume 1-10

“Alexa mute/unmute

“Alexa, Spotify Connect”, this command could be used if you experience difficulty in connecting to Spotify.

“Alexa play (playlist, artist name, album)

Setting Spotify as your default music service app would save you from adding “from Spotify” after every command, even if you have installed other apps.

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