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Apex Legends, the acclaimed battle royale video game, has many tough decisions that need to be made quickly, yet cautiously. One of the more notable ones is whether a person wants to be a jumpmaster and, if given that role, how to carry it out.

How to Not Play as Jumpmaster in Apex Legends

There is, unfortunately, no guaranteed way to escape from being elected as the jumpmaster. To make things even worse, you can’t even let the system know who you think should be one. What you can do, however, is reduce the chances of getting assigned with this responsibility., You should also learn the craft to be better prepared for the title.

Reducing the Odds

Being the jumpmaster is no small deal, as your goal is to lead your team to the best possible starting point. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that most people don’t want to make such decisions for the whole team. If you’re a newcomer, chances are that this is especially the case.

First of all, you can always press the “Relinquish” button to hand the torch to someone else. The issue here, though, is that your teammates can do the same thing, so it’s not a reliable method.

Moving on, the character selection screen may or may not be your friend here. It’s the proof that jumpmaster selection is not really random. The reason for this is because the game automatically elects the last player that didn’t let the timer run out as the jumpmaster.

In other words, let your timer run out when choosing your character and the chance of being elected as the jumpmaster greatly reduces. The great thing about this is that you still can (and should) select your character before that moment. In this case, you’re only out of luck if you’re the last one to select a character and everybody lets their part of the timer expire.

If all fails, don’t forget to use the voice or text chat to let others know that you wouldn’t like to be the jumpmaster. Also, if you do end up with that role for a match, you should keep in mind that your teammates can go their own way if they think they think they know exactly what they are doing. It’s also worth mentioning that, since this is a game that heavily relies on teamwork, this is not a smart thing to do.


There Will Always Be Trolls

Sure, being a jumpmaster might put a bit too much responsibility on an unlucky player’s shoulders, but note that there will always be internet trolls that will sabotage the whole match by deliberately landing the team in the wrong place. Additionally, you may even be matched with players newer to the game than you are, unless you’re exclusively playing with your friends.

In some cases, certain players are ready to kill the rest of the team just because they find being a jumpmaster so stressful. So, you might want to eventually learn how to be a jumpmaster.

The important thing is that once you get the basics of dropping and physics, you’ll undoubtedly become a good jumpmaster. The point of the whole dropping thing is that you need to know where the loot is. If you do know where it is, focus on getting your team there first.

Knowing exactly how fast and how far to go is essential to being a jumpmaster. Go too fast, and you’ll land too soon, quite far from the action. Go too slowly, you’re probably missing out on lots of items. Long story short, go fast, but not too fast. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure that you’re flying in a straight line, but still, watch your airspeed. You should dive as soon as the number goes under 130. Since your squad follows your whichever direction your camera is facing, point the camera to the ground to dive and gain extra speed. Diving should last only for a few seconds, as its goal is to give you an airspeed boost. You’re ideally looking to get your airspeed above than 140. Generally speaking, you shouldn’t dive fully downward, especially if you want to increase your distance.
  2. When your airspeed exceeds 140, switch to flying straight. Keep flying straight until your speed goes below 130., repeat this procedure for as many times as needed.
  3. Since you want to avoid landing animations which take up precious time, try not to land close to any structures. You should avoid things like rock formations for this reason, as the game will see that you’re nearing solid ground and trigger an animation.
  4. Make good use out of the free look functionality to see if there are groups that are headed towards the same area as you are. If so, this means that you’ll engage in combat very quickly. Try and land somewhere else if you want to avoid combat in the early stages of the game. To enter free look mode on Xbox One or PlayStation 4, hold L2 or LT. Right-click to do the same on PC.
  5. Even though the three of you should stick together at all times, especially in the beginning, split up seconds before landing to find as much loot as possible. Don’t forget, you’re not competing just yet, so teamwork matters. To split up, press X on Xbox One, the square button on PS4, or Ctrl on PC.

Note: The maximum range that you can achieve with this formula is somewhere around 1300 to 1400 meters. You can see how far a destination is by pinging it. Also, keep in mind that the dropship is quite fast itself, so you should make sure to use this to your advantage.

Another Happy Landing

Apex Legends might be a battle royale game in its core, but it actually relies on teamwork a lot. However, being a jumpmaster is not an enviable role, especially if you’re a beginner. Do your best to avoid it, but learn how to do it good.

Why don’t you like being the jumpmaster? Do you know other tricks that can help players avoid this role? Let us know what you think it in the comments below.

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