How to Refund VALORANT Points


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Learn how to refund Valorant points!

How to Refund VALORANT Points

Players can purchase a variety of in-game cosmetics and items with VALORANT Points. However, most of the skins in the VALORANT Store only stick around for 24 hours, while Skin Bundles only stick around for a few days.

If you recently bought a ton of VALORANT Points, hoping to finally cop that Skin Bundle you’ve wanted but missed out on the last minute, you’ll be left with unused VALORANT Points that you’re probably not willing to spend on anything but that skin bundle that just passed.

Waiting for the next bundle to drop will take a few weeks, so you might as well ask Riot Games for a refund on the unused VALORANT Points you bought. We’ll show you how to do that in this guide.

Things to remember before asking for a refund on VALORANT Points

There’s only one thing to remember when submitting a ticket for a refund on VALORANT Points in VALORANT: to ensure the VALORANT Points remain untouched and unused for the entire duration.

It might take Riot Games a few days to process your refund ticket; in the meantime, refrain from opening the in-game store because you might be tempted to get that Reaver Vandal for full price.

Besides, once the full amount has been refunded to your account, you can buy a lesser amount of VP to get individual skins from the VALORANT Store.

How to Refund VALORANT Points

Players can request a refund on unused VALORANT Points by going to the VALORANT Support website and submitting a ticket.

  1. Click on this link to go to the VALORANT refund player support page:
image 46

2. Scroll down to the last sentence on the page with the “/submit a ticket” button:

image 47

3. Click on the /SUBMIT A TICKET button:

ticket valorant how to refund valorant points

4. Click on the drop-down menu:

menu valorant how to refund valorant points

5. Select “Billing, Payment, and Premium Currency Refunds”:

refund valorant how to refund valorant points

6. Click on “Sign in” to link your VALORANT account:

sign in valorant how to refund valorant points

7. Type in your VALORANT login credentials:

image 50

8. Fill in the text boxes with the Subject, Description, and Inquiry type. Players can also attach files to support their claims:

image 51

Now, all you have to do is wait for Riot Games to email you. It shouldn’t take too long, as Riot Games is known to quickly get back to customer concerns.

Money-back Guarantee

As always, Riot Games’ customer service is top-notch. Not only does the company allow skin refunds, but VALORANT Points can also be refunded. Very useful for buying the wrong amount of VALORANT Points or changing your mind about getting that Prime 2.0 Karambit in your VALORANT Store.

Nevertheless, if you recently bought a bunch of VALORANT Points, but the skin bundle you were looking to purchase has expired, you can request a refund from Riot Games through the above steps.

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