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One of the main issues players are experiencing in Watch Dogs Legion, is the save infrastructure. Players can’t seem to figure out how they can save their progress. But can you do a manual save in Watch Dogs Legion?

How To Save - Watch Dogs Legion

Some might even lose a significant amount of progress just because of that fact. Furthermore, we can see a lot of frustration in the Watch Dogs community because of this.

Can you Save in Watch Dogs Legion?

In the predecessor of Legion, we didn’t have any saving functionality. Well, that’s half-true. What we had was only the option of auto-save. However, if you wanted to save the game or jump to a previous save, you couldn’t.

How does Legion pale in comparison to Watch Dogs 2? Interestingly, they went with a similar structure. You can’t save manually in Legion, probably because of the permadeath mechanic they implemented.

But technically, you can save your progress “manually” if you wanted. Here is how to do it:

How to Save?

To save, you must use the fast travel in Legion. This forces the game to auto-save your progress. It doesn’t matter to where you travel, because it will work with wherever you travel to using the fast-travel.

So, if you are having issues with losing a lot of your progress in this game, then consider trying this method out to save your progress before you quit.

Even though a lot of players are enraged by such a decision, the developers felt that players might abuse the manual save function to get back dead operatives.

When you look at that in this way, it makes a lot of sense. Sadly, they couldn’t come up with a different way to approach the problem.

The Future

Should we expect a manual save functionality to be implemented? It’s certainly possible because of such frustration with not implementing it in the first place.

However, I say that is highly unlikely because we had a similar situation with the predecessor. Players were furious then, but there was nothing the developers could do about it.

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