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Roblox may seem a little odd at first glance, almost like Minecraft. Both are immediately associated with younger users who appear most attracted to these kinds of games. This is just a 30,000-foot view of the creative world of Roblox.

How to Send a Message on Roblox to Someone Who's Not Your Friend

Above all, Roblox is a social place where users interact with each other and share their content, build things together, and have fun. The interaction happens through individual and group messages which users send to each other.

In case you didn’t know, you can even send messages on Roblox to users who are not even in your friends’ list. Read on to find out how to do it, and much more.

Messaging Someone Who’s Not Your Friend on Roblox

Messaging people on Roblox is easy in case they already accepted your friend request. Otherwise, there are some complications. For example, if you want to message someone who’s not your friend on Roblox, you need to take additional steps.

Here are the steps you need to follow in this situation:

  1. Log in to your Roblox account.
  2. Look for the person you want to message using the search bar located at the very top of your screen. You need to type in their Roblox username and click on Search. A pop-up will come up with a set of options, of which you need to click on People.
  3. When you get the search results, you should select their name from the list. You will be redirected to the profile of this person, even if they are not your friend. Now you can click on the Message option next to Add Friend.
  4. Optionally, you can add them as a friend to make the process easier.

Message Example with Pictures

Here is how the process looks like if everything went right:

roblox new message

roblox send message

Besides the message recipient’s name, you will see the Subject field and the message field. Add a subject of your choice and type out a polite message and the person may respond even if they are not your friend.

After you click on send in the bottom corner, you should get a notification about the message being sent.

If things go south, you will see a message like this:

roblox message blocked

You will not be able to send the message and here is the explanation for it.

Complications with Messaging Someone Who’s Not Your Friend on Roblox

Unfortunately, there is a common problem that occurs when you try to message someone who is not your friend on Roblox. The problem occurs due to their privacy settings.

If you can’t click on the message button on their profile, it means that they have disabled private messages for the moment being. People don’t always trust strangers whom they have never met, which you might agree that it is completely reasonable.

After all, Roblox has a lot of young users who need to protect their privacy and avoid scams. It is sad to say, but some people wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of children’s naivety for anything from money to perversion.

That was just one possible example of what can go wrong because there are plenty of expensive items on Roblox which users can trade for.

Roblox Privacy Settings

Remember that turning off messages from someone who is not your friend on Roblox works in both directions. If you have done it, you won’t be able to message non-friends either. The Message button will be irresponsive again if you try to message such a user.

Roblox has strict privacy rules and guidelines. There are chat filters that block all personal information of Roblox users, as well as any inappropriate content.

The youngest users (12 or younger) have special filters that keep their private info safe, as well as tighter control of content which is inappropriate. Users aged 13 or older have more freedom of speech, but the previous privacy and inappropriate content rules still apply.

Users of all ages have full control over who can send them private messages or chat with them in-game.

Message Away

You see, messaging someone on Roblox is not that difficult, even if they are not your friend. Needless to say, things go smoother when you are already friends with a person, but you can get in touch nonetheless.

Still, be careful and try to avoid contact with strangers who seem suspicious because there are people who take advantage of young Roblox users. It is best to dive into the privacy settings and configure everything so you or your children (in case you are a parent) stay safe.

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