How To Unlock Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns



Learn how to unlock Drifter, one of the secret survivors in Risk of Rain Returns!

How To Unlock Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is a roguelike third-person shooter and the classic Risk of Rain remake. The game keeps veterans and newbies on their toes by adding extras like easter eggs and secret characters. One of them is among the 16 survivors, Drifter.

The Drifter is a strong survivor, especially in multiplayer. This survivor can uniquely turn the scrap metal you collected from defeated enemies into temporary items. You or your allies can use these crafted items to gain significant buffs. This article will discuss how you can unlock the Drifter easily in Risk of Rain Returns.

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How To Unlock Drifter in Risk of Rain Returns

Unlocking the Drifter can be an arduous task. The only way to unlock Drifter is to recycle six drones in one playthrough. But what makes this even more difficult is that the recycling station, which allows you to trade an item for a drone, is a random spawn only. And since drones are quite helpful, you also might not want to scrap them all the time.

If you are set on unlocking the Drifter, ensure your top priority is gathering as many drones as possible. It is highly recommended that you use the Whip item to give you bonus movement speed out of combat. This makes scouting drones or recycling stations easier.

1. Use the Artifact of Command

A screenshot of the Artifact of Command in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Storm_ / YouTube

First, you will need to unlock the Artifact of Command. Equipping this artifact before the start of your playthrough will allow you to choose what items you will obtain from looting. This makes looting drones better than having them spawn randomly, as you won’t necessarily have to rely on your luck.

To get the Artifact of Command, go to the fourth stage, “Hive Cluster.” The artifact should be on the upper-right edge of the map. Find a way to platform across, and you will find it hidden behind some disappearing vines.

2. Get a Drone Repair Kit

A screenshot of the Drone Repair Kit in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Storm_ / YouTube

Equip the Artifact of Command at the start and find a drone repair kit. The Drone Repair Kit will summon unique drones repeatedly, which you can keep recycling at a drone scrapper. However, this item is a random drop, and there is no guarantee that you will obtain one at any given level.

3. Find a Drone Scrapper

A screenshot of the Drone Scrapper in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Storm_ / YouTube

If you get a drone repair kit, you will want to find a Drone Scrapper next. Clear each level by defeating the boss and activating the teleporter until you locate a drone scrapper. Then, interact with the drone scraper to recycle the drones you obtained from the drone repair kit. Do this part 6 times to unlock the Drifter. So, on your next playthrough, you will find the Drifter among the list of playable survivors.

The Drifter’s Skills and Abilities

Below is a quick rundown of what the Drifter does and what his abilities are:

  1. Blunt Force: This is the Drifter’s primary attack. This 3-hit ranged combo attack deals a good amount of damage per hit. What makes this attack so unique is the fact that it has a small percent chance to generate scraps per hit.
  2. Cleanup: This is one of the Drifter’s secondary attacks. This attack throws scrap from your inventory to the enemies in the form of bouncing projectiles. Each attack deals quite a bit of damage.
  3. Scrap Cube: This is another secondary attack of the Drifter. He throws a large cube at the cost of some scraps, which you can push or destroy to damage the surrounding enemies.
  4. Suffocate: This is one of the Drifter’s utility attacks. Using your bag, you hit enemies to stun them and deal a decent amount of damage per hit. Killing an enemy with this attack will guarantee a scrap drop.
  5. Tornado Slam: This is another utility attack of the Drifter. Using your bag, you spin around in a spiral to damage surrounding enemies. This attack lowers your gravity and makes you go a little faster.
  6. Salvage: One of Drifter’s special moves, this temporarily spawns four random items you can trade for a large amount of scrap.
  7. Recycle is another special move of the Drifter. It rerolls a random item in exchange for a lot of scraps.

And that’s all you need to know about the secret survivor, Drifter, and how to unlock him in Risk of Rain Returns. Be sure to check out our other Risk of Rain Return guides here:

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