How to Use the Strange Battery in Risk of Rain Returns



Read on to find out the purpose of the Strange Battery and how to use it in Risk of Rain Returns!

How to Use the Strange Battery in Risk of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns is a great roguelike game similar to other titles such as Hades and Wizard of Legend. The game, a remake of the original Risk of Rain, received positive reviews from gamers and critics alike. Its main concept involves a perma-death feature where players must restart their entire campaign run should they die or fail.

One of the hidden secrets of Risk of Rain Returns involves the Strange Battery. At first, it will seem like the Strange Battery has no other purpose. But this item is one of the most excellent easter eggs in the game. Discover what the Strange Battery does and how to use it in this Risk of Rain Returns guide!

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How to Use the Strange Battery in Risk of Rain Returns

Before starting a campaign run, you can choose which difficulty you would like your game to be in. Risk of Rain Returns has three game difficulty options: Dizzle, Rainstorm, and Monsoon. However, regardless of the difficulty, your playthrough will slowly increase in difficulty the longer you take to finish the run. The difficulty option you choose will affect how quickly the playthrough’s difficulty will increase.

To locate the Strange Battery, you must first play on Drizzle difficulty. As this is the easiest game difficulty in Risk of Rain Returns, this will allow you to gain enough time to search and obtain the Strange Battery while making it through to the end of the stage. Take note that you need to make it to Stage 5 to get the Strange Battery.

Obtaining the Strange Battery

Go to the edge of the stage near the walls of the Temple of the Elders. It doesn’t matter which side you choose—either the left or the right—as both outer walls contain clay pots. Once you find a clay pot, open it to obtain the Strange Battery. From there, you can proceed to the final stage. Remember to bring at least one keycard with you upon reaching this stage.

A screenshot of a player obtaining the Strange Battery from a clay pot in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Cap_ / YouTube

Once you reach the final stage, “Contact Light,” make your way to the top of the ship until you find an opening to the outer walls. Then, travel to the far right side of the stage until you get to the edge. From the edge, jump off and slowly descend, aiming to your right until you find a hidden platform.

Below the ledge, there will be a secret cave-like tunnel. Enter the passageway to find three golems listening to music with their boombox. You will find that there is a small opening behind the third golem. Enter the opening to your left and proceed to the next area.

A screenshot of the hidden passage way in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Cap_ / YouTube

In the room next to the golems, there will be a couple of platforms for you to land on. Use your platforming skills to navigate the area until you find a Rift Chest that requires putting an item inside it. This is where you will use your Strange Battery and store it inside the chest. After storing the Strange Battery inside, complete the stage and defeat the final boss, Providence.

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The Secret of the Strange Battery

After restarting the game after defeating the final boss, you must set the difficulty settings to either Rainstorm or Monsoon. Then proceed to stage 2 and locate the chest where you last stored the Strange Battery. Open the chest and collect the Strange Battery before proceeding to the third stage.

On stage 3, you must head to the teleporter and wait until the in-game time is between 22:00 and 22:59 before clicking the teleporter to take you to the fourth stage.

A screenshot of the teleporter on the third stage in Risk of Rain Returns.
Source: Cap_ / YouTube

If you follow the steps correctly, you will spawn on stage 4 with a hidden object buried in the ground. Interact with it to activate a robot character to start shooting a gun at you. Make sure that the robot must stay alive long enough to kill you. Doing this will unlock an achievement with the secret playable character, Robomando. Robomando is arguably one of the strongest survivors in the game due to his utility and skills—making obtaining him worth your while.

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