How To Unlock Elaborate Reliquary Baldur’s Gate 3


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As you know, there are millions of chests scattered throughout the Baldur’s Gate world! Some of them might need keys to be unlocked, or lockpicking tools.

How To Unlock Elaborate Reliquary Baldur's Gate 3

Those are the ones which usually host much better loot than the regular chests. You can find the Elaborate Reliquary in the Nautiloid ship, when you will be on a quest there. That should be the “Escape the Nautiloid” mission.

Thankfully, we know how to unlock this chest and will tell you how to unlock the Elaborate Reliquary in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Unlock Elaborate Reliquary

Elaborate Reliquary 1

For now, it is not known whether you will have success with opening this chest with lockpicking tools, but that might be the case.

However, we know a much easier way to open it, which is getting its key and using that to break it open. The chest can be found in Nautiloid, on X:3 and Y:363.

If you have lockpicking tools, try to open it like that. If not, this is how to unlock Elaborate Reliquary:

  1. Go to X:62 Y:352.
  2. There will be a body here, inspect it.
  3. You can loot it to get the Elaborate key along with some gold and another item.
  4. Go back to the chest – X:3 Y:363.
  5. Use the key to open it.
elaborate key copy 1

Success! From this crate you will get Onyx, something that Shar leaves behind on earth. Along with that you will get some gold.

We don’t know the story of this precious chest and what has happened to the woman from which you can get the key to it. Both the key and the chest are hand-made from precious materials, and it looks like someone wanted to get the key from her but failed to do so.

There will be other items on the table on which you will find the chest. These are not that special, but keep your heads up. Good luck!

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