How to Unlock Goal Songs in FIFA 21



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As you know, there are millions of customizations you can do to your FIFA Ultimate Team. The game seems to be getting better and better at making players have a much closer relationship with their teams.

How to Unlock Goal Songs in FIFA 21

This adds so much flair to the game and keeps the game more interesting. Not to mention that it makes you feel like you truly own your FUT. There is a particular customization that most don’t even know about, and that is goal songs.

Nevertheless, we hope to clear the air on how to unlock goal songs in FIFA 21.

FIFA 21: How to Unlock Goal Songs

fifa 21 unlocking goal songs

What are goal songs per se? Well, they are songs that play once you score a goal with your team. Only goals which you score will trigger the goal song.

Most players are under the impression that these songs play even for your opponent’s goal. This is untrue. It’s more of a taunt mechanism in this game, like many other similar customizations.

So, how to unlock goal songs in FIFA 21? To unlock these songs, you will need to buy FIFA Points.

FIFA Points is an in-game currency which can be used in the FIFA store. Unfortunately, the only way to get these points, you will need to buy them with real money.

If you buy FIFA Points, head to the marketplace in FUT. There you can find the goal songs. Upon purchase you can equip them in the customization menu.

As I said above there are a lot of very special goal songs in FIFA 21, this is a full list of them:

  • Hypnagogic – Love Regenerator and Calvin Harris
  • Inter Milan
  • Jungle Queen – LP Giobbi
  • Lift Me Up – Oliver Heldens X Firebeatz and Schella
  • Lightswitch – Chaii
  • Listen To Their No – Underworld
  • MIA – Soaky Siren
  • Might Delete Later – Larry Pink the Human
  • No Es Mi Culpa – Trooko
  • Pop Boy – Stormzy
  • Primero – Nina Dioz
  • Rapture – Koffee Ft. Govana
  • Real Madrid
  • St. Lucia – Big Gigantic
  • The Difference – Flume
  • The Function – Dai Burger
  • Top Cat – Footsie
  • Tu Energia – Musa
  • We Got That Cool – Yves V
  • Work it Out – NNena24, Jaewynn
  • AC Milan
  • Again – Clipz
  • Ain’t It – Bree Runway
  • Anthems – Charli XCX
  • Bad Habits – Madame Gandhi
  • Baina – Bakermat
  • Ballie – Idris Elba
  • Big Love – Louis the Child
  • Blue World – Mac Miller
  • Bury Me Alive – Oliver Tree
  • Dortmund
  • Elephant – Blessus
  • Exit Sign – Kah-Lo
  • Fire – Onipa
  • Get Up – Jimmy Edgar

It’s a very annoying aspect of the game if you are playing against a player who has a goal song. Like I stated, it’s more of a taunt customization.

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