How to Unlock Rich Adored Sarcophagus: Baldur’s Gate 3


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There are millions of in-game interactions in Baldur’s Gate 3. The game has a swirly story-line, but it is made so perfect that it has interested millions of people since its release.

How to Unlock Rich Adored Sarcophagus: Baldur's Gate 3

There is a particular hidden interaction, from which you can get an extremely rare amulet also. But it’s really hard to unlock this coffin, and even harder to get to this location.

Nonetheless, this is how to unlock the rich adored Sarcophagus in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Unlock Rich Adored Sarcophagus

rich adored sarcophagus baldurs gate 3

This coffin is located in the Dank Crypt. Dank Crypt is a host for many coffins, and many hidden interactions, and all in all it is a place which captures all of the Baldur’s Gate 3 spirit in one place.

The amulet you can get from this location is pretty strong, it is called the Amulet of Lost Voices. It states that the dead don’t hold any secrets from Jergal’s Scriveners of Doom. Which in other words means that you get Lv. 3 Necromancy – Speak with the dead.

Without further ado, this is how to unlock rich adored Sarcophagus in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. Go to this location: X: -289 Y: -230
  2. Your characters will perceive a button on the right pillar on the screen. Click the button.
  3. Click on the coffin to remove the top.
  4. Interact with Sarcophagus without getting him angry.
rich adored location 1

That’s it. You will have a back and forth dialogue before he leaves. He will ask some pretty bizarre questions. After that, you can loot his coffin which hasn’t got anything special in it, just some gold and a Bloodstone.

In the room there is a few more chests, in which you can find the potent amulet. It’s the chest in the right corner of the room. Good luck!

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