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New World, despite all of the controversy around how it performs and what it does to RTX 3090 cards, is shaping up to be a triple-A title. The game is exceptionally made, at least at first glance, but there’s so much confusion and information that is unknown. For example, upgrading your camp in New World might not be available anymore, or is it? We’ll talk a bit about how to upgrade camp in New World.

How To Upgrade Camp in New World

New World – How To Upgrade Camp

Usually, before some of the recent updates that have happened, players will automatically rank up in terms of character level, and camp level. That’s not the case anymore, as for the camps it was changed to something else.

Now, players will need to complete tasks in order to upgrade their camp. As a reward to the completed objectives, players will get an upgrade reward for their camp.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there, but it seems like, at the moment, the quests which will let you do this are:

  • Friends In Fashion
  • Animal Instincts

As of this moment, is not yet clear on why it is so poorly designed, that players cannot find out a way to upgrade their camps, but it seems like these two quests are the only way to do it.

The first quest, Friends In Fashion, players will get it on level 15. As for the second one, that’s a bit later, when a player reaches level 25.

In the quests’ description it states that upon completion of these quests the camps will be upgraded by one tier. You can find Friends In Fashion at Monarch’s Bluffs Hamlet.

Fast travel to that location, and open up your map. The quest is located somewhere in the middle of the settlement. It is not that hard to do, and the rewards are pretty exceptional considering how easy it is to complete.

As New World is still in beta, we can’t really give it some full-blown criticism for this, but we hope that some UI improvements, along with some optimizations in general will be greatly appreciated upon the full release.

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