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If you’ve played Z1 Battle Royale (previously known as H1Z1 or King of the Hill), your character will certainly have been injured at some point. Before you move on to the next fight, it’s best to heal up and recover from any wounds. But how do you do that?

How to Use a Medkit in H1Z1

In this article, we’ll tell you how you can use medkits, and explain everything you need to know about them.

How to Use a Medkit

If you’ve found a piece of medical equipment, using it is very easy. Simply locate the item you wish to use in your inventory and interact with it. The keybind for item interaction can be found in your Keybinding Settings, but it’s E by default on keyboards.

Alternatively, you can use your Inventory to save a medkit to one of your quick slots, accessible through buttons 1 to 4 on your keyboard.

What Are Different Medkits Used For

There are three main types of healing items used in Z1 Battle Royale. Choose between these based on what you need at the moment, but always be sure to have at least one of those at hand should the situation call for it.

First Aid Kits

First Aid kits are found throughout the map, and can’t be obtained in any other way. You’ll generally find them on counters or walls of buildings.

first aid kit

A first Aid kit will heal for 60 Hit Points over 60 seconds, but using it takes five seconds, during which you’re vulnerable to attack. A big point to note is that you can’t stack the effects of these First Aid kits, nor can you try to refresh them. If you use a second First Aid kit while under the effects of the previous one, you’ll stop all bleeding effects (more info on the bleeding mechanism below), but not refresh the healing of the kit.

Also, you can’t use a First Aid kit when you’re below 7% of your maximum Hit Points and are Severely Bleeding.

Field Bandages

Bandages are obtainable by crafting, but you may also find them on the map. You can combine two scraps of cloth into a single piece of bandage. Scraps of cloth can be made by ripping old shirts and other items such as backpacks, belt pouches, pants, hats or gloves. Shredding clothing will provide you with four cloth scraps. Scraps of cloth can’t otherwise be found on the map.


Each bandage will heal you for 10 Hit Points over 10 seconds, and you only need three seconds to use one, making it the fastest option for recovering some hit points on the move.

Furthermore, you can stack the healing effects of multiple bandages, and you can also stack bandages with a First Aid kit, to get the maximum healing benefits per second.

The latest you can use a bandage to recover Hit Points is 4% with Severe Bleeding effect.


Multiple bandages and a First Aid kit can be combined into an item called procoagulant. To get one requires you to use 10 bandages and one First Aid kit. This item can’t be found on the map otherwise.

coagulant cream

A procoagulant will immediately stop all forms of bleeding (and give you five HP), allowing you to apply other forms of healing without losing health in the process. It’s a lifesaver since you can use one while moving, allowing for a quick escape or to reposition without worries. Additionally, you can use one while driving as well, making it an option to save some health while driving a getaway car.

Super Serum

If you’re in a fast-paced Combat Zone game mode, the game doesn’t really allow much time for healing. Therefore, the developers have added a new item to help when you need to get some Hit Points back.

The Super Serum requires only five seconds to apply and instantly gives you back 100 Hit Points. It’s available in your Medical 2 Slot on your UI.


Z1 Battle Royale uses a bleeding system to encourage you to stock up on medical supplies. Even a single shot can make you bleed, which can pose a problem later if untreated.

There are four stages of bleeding, depending on the severity.

First Aid kits and procoagulants will stop all forms of bleeding. Alternatively, you can use a few bandages if you’re under pressure.

Minor Bleeding causes you to lose 1% of your Hit Points every three seconds. It’s indicated by a < symbol next to your health bar. Minor bleeding might stop on its own, but it can be stopped immediately by using a bandage.

Moderate Bleeding will cause you to lose 1% of your HP every two seconds, and is indicated by << next to your health bar. To fix it, you’ll need to use two bandages.

Severe Bleeding will cause you to lose 1% of your HP every second, and is indicated by <<<. To treat severe bleeding, you need three bandages.

When to Use a Medkit

It’s advisable that you always keep your Hit Points in check. If you’re injured, but safe, you should always use a First Aid kit before you start looking around to make sure your injuries are healed in case of an emergency.

When your Hit Points are low, however, using a bandage before the First Aid kit will allow you to survive until the kit starts to take effect, as it takes a longer time to apply.

Always be sure to carry a kind of medkit, as they can be hard to come by and you never know when you’ll need them.

H1Z1 - Use Medkit

Heal Up

Hopefully, you now know everything about how to use a medkit in Z1 Battle Royale. You can use this information when you approach your next game to ensure that your character is healthy and up for the fight. Z1 Battle Royale is all about survival, so healing is of utmost importance.

What’s your favorite healing item in Z1 Battle Royale? Where’s your best place to find one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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