How To Walk On Your Front Legs In Goat Simulator


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Walk On Your Front Legs – How To Goat Simulator! Needed for the Tony Goat Achievement.

How To Walk On Your Front Legs In Goat Simulator

There are many tricks in Goat Simulator. Many of them are needed to finish some achievements. Walking on your front legs, for example, is required for Tony Goat achievement.

To get the Tony Goat achievement, you have to do this and also do a triple flip.

We have made a detailed guide on how to walk on your front legs in Goat Simulator :

Walking on front legs on PC:

  1. Walk on a safe spot.
  2. Hold “S” or backwards then press “W” to move forwards.
  3. Commence slow motion.
  4. Balance until you reach 3000 points.
  5. Jump using Spacebar to land safely.

Walking on front legs on console:

  1. Find a safe spot.
  2. Walk backwards using L3 then immediately L3 forwards.
  3. Start slow motion on the left axis clicking left.
  4. Balance until you get 3000 points.
  5. Jump with R3

Be careful when finishing the tricks, because you need to jump to successfully finish the trick. If you do not jump at the end, the score won’t get registered.

Nevertheless, this trick is one of the easiest tricks in the game. The Tony Goat achievement can be done even at the beginnings of the game.

After successfully doing this trick, you can continue by doing the triple flip. The triple flip is a bit harder, but not as advanced as some of the other achievement requirements. Finishing this mission will get you a silver trophy. Good luck!

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