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Human Fall Flat (HFF) may just be the wackiest game of all time! The game requires problem-solving, critical thinking, and if with co-players, some serious teamwork. HFF contains various maps having a puzzle/maze that all players have to escape from. Each map is a uniquely different design: from Halloween to the Caribbean to Techno Hub. The mazes are designed to be played by solo gaming or team building. Tricks to finish the game vary depending on the number of players. Either way, it’s definitely perfect for puzzle enthusiasts! If you still have not downloaded HFF, now is the time!

Human Fall Flat: Lobby Activities Explained

Have you ever imagined a game within a game? Well, lucky for you ’cause you are in for a treat. Human Fall Flat -designed lobbies where you can participate in different activities while waiting for your other team members. Moreover, some streamers even improvised tasks like playing Hide and Seek particularly in maps with a large area like the Lunar lobby. Silly it may seem, it is fun. Let us show you why:


Wanting to feel the spirit of Christmas? Well, here’s the lobby for you. HFF’s second-largest lobby is the Christmas lobby. For starters, the lobby is set with snow covering the entire area. Snowmen are distributed to different locations. Candy canes, dwarves, and all other objects that sing It’s Christmas Time! are here. But above all, gifts are scattered everywhere! Who doesn’t like gifts, right?

Upon entering the lobby, players see a huge train in the middle, you can ride this train to tour around. See and appreciate the beauty of this lobby!

To make the train start running, just pull (the train goes backward) or push (train goes forward) the stick located on the first cart.

You may notice that the train does not seem to have chairs, and therefore, may not for transporting passengers. It has a huge space at the back. When you’ve finished touring around while riding the train, you will also see a giant gift box. Maybe that’s what the train is for! We thought so, too.

You can transport the giant gift if you can get it on the train. But how do we do that? Coordination is the key. Since this gift is remarkably large, we may need the train for this purpose. Park the train’s caboose in front of the slide. Take control of the sticks to control the wooden claw/gripper to lift the gift onto the side. Tricky yet doable, right? If Santa’s watching, he might just hire you!

Is that a bird? A plane? Nope, it’s HFF.

The wooden catapult, as you all know, can make you soar through the air. Reaching new heights has never been more fun and dangerous. Whatever your reason is, you can have so much fun with this.

Pull this wheel to maximize the force of this catapult. Board your avatar onto the catapult, and pull the black stick beside it. FLY!!!

Hang-Ten Brah!

Last for this lobby, as we told you earlier, this place is covered with snow, and what better way to enjoy this set-up than skiing. Yes, they have it here! Located at the top of the snow mountain is where you can find the ski boards for this activity. You can climb up there or use the catapult to throw you flying to the top. When you get there, look for the snowboards kept in one of the shacks.

Snowboards are found in the racks here. On your left is a sled, you and your friends can use this.

Place the board on the edge of the mountain. Jump over the board and hop on it. Your feet will automatically attach to the ski board. Slowly use your movement keys to slide. SKI AWAAAAAAAY!!!


Aside from its activities, the Christmas lobby is also aesthetically pleasing! Take pictures with you and your friends in different locations, capture the view, and enjoy!


Where are the bowlers out there? HFF has provided this simple lobby for our bowling fan friends. Upon entering this place, you will notice a bowling ball at one end and bowling pins at the other end. You and your friends may compete, and see who can knock more of the pins down – you know, like bowling.

To reset the arrangement of the bowling pins, just step on this black button.

This lobby is also perfect for players who like to goof around and push other players off the edge. A friendly reminder: just do this to your friends or people you know. Don’t do this to strangers – don’t be toxic; always keep a healthy playing environment!


The Workshop lobby is the first lobby ever created; this lobby is almost the same as the Bowling lobby. The difference is that this lobby contains all the details and equipment in every game. This may stand as a clue to new players of what the games are.

There’s not much to do here, but this place provides tools and activities that foreshadow what can happen in the games.


The Lunar lobby might just be the largest lobby in HFF! Decorated with a Chinese New Year theme, this lobby has a lot to offer than just incredible aesthetics. You and your friends might even spend more time here than usual because you can’t get enough of how much fun the Lunar lobby can be.

  1. THE ZODIACS. Upon entering the lobby, you will see empty placeholders positioned outside the shrine. Your task is to collect all 12 zodiac statues and put them on their right places. When finished with this, the shrine will increase, and an entrance will open. Inside, light the candles for the button to appear. When pressed, a crystal while ball will fall. This ball will be used to open the sky shrine. (Sounds like an Indiana Jones movie.)

2. ROLLERCOASTER. A rollercoaster can be found on the east side of the lobby. Simply press the button, and hop on the cart. Do not forget to hold onto the rails since there’s a chance that you might fall (flat). This ride will also take you to the sky shrine.

3. FIREWORKS. What is a Chinese New Year without fireworks, right? Simply take a stick with fire on its end, light the firecrackers by touching the fire to the end of the stick, and watch and enjoy the show!

That’s it!!! Which lobby did you like best? Do you know any other activities you can do in one of the lobbies? Tell us in the comment section!

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