Is the Valorant Battle Pass Worth Buying?



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Free-to-play games have been taking the world by storm over the past decade. From pc to smartphones, everyone can download and play dozens of these games over the internet. Valorant is Riot’s first-person shooter competitive game that took the world by storm.

Is the Valorant Battle Pass Worth Buying?

Rising to be one of the top-tier FPS games, Valorant is undoubtedly one of the most played FPS games in the world. Valorant has diverse agents with unique skill sets; the Battle Pass is one of the most alluring mechanics in games like these. We’ll discuss Valorant’s Battle Pass and help you decide if it’s worth buying.

Let’s Talk Basics

Every free-to-play game now has its version of a battle pass. In Valorant, the Battle Pass consists of cosmetic items that give you multiple gun skins, spray paints, weapon buddies, character cards, and expensive Radianite Points. But considering this, we still need more information before we forgo purchasing the Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass is composed of ten acts, and each one has five tiers. As you play and gain XP, you will still progress through the Battle Pass and get a certain number of freebies at the end of every Act. Players who choose to drool over the many perks of the Battle Pass can still get a little of the benefits.

In Act 10 (Level 50), the freebie is often a permanent pistol skin and a character card. This is a reward for playing the game, and they are often basic buddies and a small amount of Radianite Points.

Let’s Talk Money

So, purchasing the Battle Pass is the way to go if you want access to multiple gun skins and many Radianite Points. The Battle Pass costs 1,000 Valorant Points (VP), equivalent to $10.

You can purchase the Battle Pass later when you’ve progressed through it. You will automatically acquire all the Battle Pass rewards according to your BP Act and Level when you purchase it. 

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There is an advantage to purchasing the Battle Pass early on. Currently, purchasing the BP will grant you an additional 3% XP so you can progress through the BP Acts and Levels faster. That being said, how long does it take to complete the Battle Pass?

Let’s Talk Time

The Valorant Premium Battle Pass has 50 levels giving you 50 exclusive rewards. Each level is higher by 750 XP than the previous one totaling 1,370,000 XP overall. This is a tall order considering you only have 60 days to try and accomplish this.

You need to be able to play a lot and WIN. Getting on a losing streak can greatly reduce your speed in completing the Battle Pass and ever so closer to the deadline. However, knowing that you have Daily and Weekly Missions to help you get through the BP faster is good.

The game gives you three Daily Missions with 2,000 XP each totaling 6,000 XP. Not bad, considering you’d normally play two to three games to get this amount of XP. Then we have the Weekly Missions. You get three per week, rewarding you 14,400 XP each.

That’s an extra 43,200 XP to propel you up the Battle Pass ladder. Weekly Missions can take three to ten games, depending on your performance. Some mission requires you to kill by 25 headshots. This road will be long if you can average one headshot per game. 

Let’s Talk About a Verdict

Riot’s relatively new First-Person Shooter game is one of the best out there. Sometimes you might need a little push to work harder and aim better. This is where these game passes come in — to fill the void. And it fills it indeed.

If you find your weapons plain and dull and see yourself playing Valorant for the next few months, then YES. The Battle Pass is worth your money. It will help motivate you to play better by getting that cool weapon skin or that unique character card.

If you play on and off and can’t invest much time in the game, it might be worth taking a raincheck on purchasing the Battle Pass. 

Also, did we mention you can pay your way through the Battle Pass? You can, by the way.

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