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There was some outrage between the players of Humankind, and by ‘some’ I mean a lot. Most players were frustrated because there is a city cap, which doesn’t allow players to build more than two cities. However, a common misconception is that this thing is set in stone and there is nothing to be done to increase the city cap, wrong. We’ll go over how to increase the city cap in Humankind, below.

Humankind | How To Increase City Cap

How To Increase City Cap – Humankind

Basically, this does not happen on its own. There are three methods as to how you can increase the city capacity, but it doesn’t happen on its own when you progress to a new era.

With that said, the three ways of increasing your city cap in Humankind are:

  • Technologies
  • Civics
  • Legacy Trait

All of these will stack on top of each other, meaning, you can increase your capacity with all three, and they’ll still add a predetermined number of cities to the capacity.


Basically, this is the most simple way to increase the number of cities you can build. You’ll have to invest in some technologies from the Tech Tree that grant you an increase to capacity.

There are 7 technologies that will give a plus-one for your city capacity, and they are: Foreign Outposts, Philosohy, Theology, Three-Masted Ship, Supply Lines, Mercantilism and Urban Planning. At the end, you’ll have a total of +7 cities you can build.


Now, you can choose Small Council when interacting with the Leadership Civic and get a +1 to city capacity, but maybe you should think twice before doing that.

Mainly because it can negatively impact your plans for the empire, and how the whole system of your empire will pan out. Basically, it will lead players towards Liberty instead of Authority. In my opinion, it isn’t worth it for a measly +1 for city capacity.

Legacy Trait

When entering the Classical Era in this game, you can take the culture of the Achaemenid Persians. This is important because you’ll get the Legacy Trait with it.

The Legacy Trait is a trait which will give players a +2 increase to city capacity.

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