Immortals Fenyx Rising: A Proper Sendoff Hidden Quest Guide



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Immortals Fenyx Rising has a lot of great and properly thought out quests. Instead of having thousands of quests, this game offers the same or a shorter story length, but the quests seem quite more quality than quantity.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: A Proper Sendoff Hidden Quest Guide

A particular quest impressed me, called “A Proper Sendoff”. The quest is challenging, but what really impressed me was the mission’s premise and short-story.

Because I had difficulties completing it, I deemed it important to tell you how to finish this hidden quest.

A Proper Sendoff Hidden Quest Guide – Immortals Fenyx Rising

Since you are here, you probably are aware of the mini-story of this quest, so I won’t bother with those irrelevant details. To put the solider to rest, you must bring him the Burial Ribbons, a soldier’s shield, wine, and to complete a challenge.

The “A Proper Sendoff” hidden quest guide is divided into a few parts, so follow these steps to finish the quest:

Burial Ribbons

  1. Go to this location:
  2. There will be a big grave there, sort of like from the one that you got the quest from.
  3. Climb on it and collect the Burial Ribbons.

A Soldier’s Shield

  1. On the same island, get to this spot:
  2. There will be a locked cave which you will need to rocks to unlock.
  3. Kindly place two rocks on the button with a forge icon on it.
  4. Go inside, click activate, and at the end you will find the solider’s shield.


  1. On the small island across from the one you were now at, navigate to this place:
  2. Go on the boat that is beached.
  3. Close to the front will be a bottle of wine, take it.

Myth Challenge Odysseus

  1. Now, you can start the challenge here:
  2. Go on the challenge platform.
  3. Shoot an arrow through the first weapon, and then glide the arrow to the end.

After that, return to the soldier’s grave to bring the items that you’ve collected. After you leave the items on his grave, the soldier will finally be able to rest.

The cutscene and dialogue will be quite interesting, so I suggest that you don’t skip it. Also, good luck!

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