Is FIFA 21 Cross-Play and Cross-Save?


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With the new consoles on their way, and FIFA 21 being released, everyone is wondering if this game will support cross-play, cross-generation or cross-save?

Is FIFA 21 Cross-Play and Cross-Save?

There wasn’t any cross-play in the previous FIFAs for apparent reasons. But judging how fast the tables are turning, should we expect cross-platform in this installment?

Well, we are here with you to share this information. Let’s dive right into is FIFA 21 cross-play or cross-save?

FIFA 21 – Does it Support Cross-Play and Cross-Save?

What I meant by the tables are turning, is in fact how games these days introduce cross-platform. Since the last couple of years, we have seen a drastic shift.

Most of the game prior to 2015 were not all that interested in this. However, it seems like the inter-connectivity web is growing and we are seeing that the games that don’t support cross-platform play are doing worse than those who do.

What about this FIFA though? Does it support cross-play and cross-save? Well, yes and no. Sadly, it doesn’t support cross-play but it does support cross-save.

Another thing which is detrimental to note is that, there won’t be cross-generation play in FIFA 21. In other words, PS4 and Xbox One players can’t play with PS5 and Xbox X players.

This was very unfortunate, since not all are eager to switch to the new consoles as soon as they come out.

Some might even wait for the later versions, since Sony and Xbox are known to throw out an extra 10 models after their first one, don’t take this seriously, it’s just a joke.

fifa 21 consoles

My point is that the majority will be waiting for these models, and some will switch to the new consoles upon release. This will make a great division between players.

However, all is not lost though. EA has followed this topic closely and has publicly announced that cross-generation progression is available.

Which means all of your hard work, sweat and tears, on the old consoles will be transferred to PS5 and Xbox X. At least we heard some good news. Until then, grind as much as you can!

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