Is Neon Abyss Available For Co-Op Or Multiplayer



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Is Neon Abyss available for co-op or multiplayer? Neon Abyss is a time machine. It closely resembles the action, graphics, animation style, and the arcade game mechanics in the past. However, even though it steps back into time, it is an exciting concept with much action.

Is Neon Abyss Available For Co-Op Or Multiplayer

You run and gun through dungeons fighting off monsters. Players should be careful of each decision they make since every choice changes the game’s outcome.

Being such a competitive, arcade-style video game, we come to the most crucial question.

Does Neon Abyss Have Co-Op or Multiplayer Functionality?

Sadly, Neon Abyss isn’t available for co-op or multiplayer. This is unfortunate, but there are ways in which you can enjoy this game with fellow players.

One way would be if each player a turn in beating one level. So, in theory, you can pass the controller around each finishing one room.
The other way is for more competitive players. It involves a gamer playing the game and trying to reach the highest level possible and vice versa.

The biggest issue with the game is that it isn’t available for co-op or multiplayer, but you could still enjoy it with friends. However, sadly you cannot enjoy some online action. The game’s style of levels and action is desperately in need of some co-op or multiplayer action.

Lastly, when the game was in development, a particular developer on the steam community stated that currently only single-player is planned. Who knows, maybe in the future we could see co-op and online implementation.

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