Is Sekiro More Difficult Than Dark Souls?



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Since its release, Sekiro has been killing it with its huge success in the RPG genre.

Is Sekiro More Difficult Than Dark Souls?

Although the game is loved by the community, We couldn’t help but notice the one star reviews complaining about the difficulty of the game, with many stating that its even harder than the Dark Souls franchise.

Is Sekiro Harder Than Dark Souls?

Dark Souls Game – Is Sekiro Really That Harder?

Comparing them from our personal experience, there are many differences in the way Dark Souls mechanics work compared to Sekiro’s.

Sekiro’s combat system is a lot harder to get used to, especially to Dark Souls players who rely more on dodging the enemies attacks than reacting accordingly. Due to all of this, the first playthrough on

Shadows Die Twice feels like hell until you adjust to the game’s combat system.

Adding to it is the fact that a lot of the mini bosses are surrounded by enemies you have to strategically be taken out so as not to get outnumbered in the boss fight.

In Dark Souls we can essentially farm as many souls as we like and get as strong as we like before advancing further into the playthrough. All of this is not true in Sekiro where there is a limit to how powerful we can get in each stage of the story.

Attacks in Sekiro vs Dark Souls

Although there will be attacks you need to jump on and some you need to parry or dodge, it’s really not that hard to learn since the attacks are a lot more distinguishable and predictable. You can more easily react accordingly and it’s much easier to parry than in Dark Souls which makes it a lot more fluent.

On top of all that some bosses are a joke when using certain items to counter them making the fights as easy as you want them to be.

Important thing to also point out is that in Sekiro you don’t have a stamina so there is no wasting points in upgrading the stamina bar and you can play as freely and as fast paced as you like. Another thing helping is that Sekiro doesn’t make you over powered to the end of the game, but it forces you to rely on your skill and knowledge of the game to excel.

The Verdict

To wrap it up, Sekiro and Dark Souls are quite different games and it is hard to compare the two, but answering the question of the title: We don’t believe Sekiro is more difficult than Dark Souls.

We strongly encourage picking Sekiro up and giving your opinion on the matter.

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