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Windbound is an awesome survival game, with an engaging story that only goes forwards and some new refreshing features for the genre. It has launched on almost every known gaming platform, from consoles like Xbox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, to Microsoft and Apple PCs.

Is Windbound Available For Mac

Windbound is available for Mac but only through Google Stadia. If you aren’t familiar with Stadia then you might not know about its pros and cons. But if you’re looking to blast through the Forbidden Isles of Windbound on your Mac, this is what you’re facing!

Play Windbound On Your Mac Through Google Stadia

The Mac has for the longest time been left out of the gaming world. Big and small titles have come and gone without even touching the Apple platform. But with Windbound things are different. It has shown dedication to be available everywhere, including the Stadia.

Well, what is the Stadia? It’s the brand new Google technology that lets you stream a lot of games, both highly demanding and not so much, on systems that aren’t strong enough to run them. In theory it sounds revolutionary, but it’s not without some weak spots.

For example, you need a mega strong internet to run everything smoothly. Google Stadia can run a pretty hefty game to up to 4k resolution, but if your internet is a bit shaky or just not fast enough, that video quality will drop and your game will appear blurry as hell.

However, it’s still a great way to access a lot of games that you can’t do otherwise, including Windbound. And because Windbound doesn’t have a really complex graphics or anything, it runs pretty smoothly. People have reported a steady 60fps experience, little to no lag at all and crystal clear video image.

For this game specifically, Google Stadia might be the better options than some consoles like the Switch. But, while Nintendo can run the game in offline mode, Stadia can only do it online.

But if you absolutely don’t have any problem with your internet connection, then you won’t have any problems with Windbound on your Mac too.

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