It isn’t Resident Evil without Thomas the Tank Engine


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One of my favorite Resident Evil 2 mods replaced Mr. X with Thomas the Tank Engine. The swap was perfect because it took something seemingly innocent — something many likely remember from their childhoods — and twisted it into something creepy and uncomfortable.

It isn't Resident Evil without Thomas the Tank Engine

The chugging in place of Mr. X’s loud footsteps still kills me.

Since then, Thomas has always felt like an unofficial Resident Evil character to me; one that modders just have to put into the latest game in the series as soon as they get the chance. Thankfully, someone has done just that.

Feast your eyes on Count Theodora, the latest addition to Resident Evil Village.

As you can see, this mod takes a slightly different approach than the Thomas the Tank Engine mod from Resident Evil 2. Lady Dimitrescu isn’t replaced entirely in this instance; rather, her face is. The chugging also takes a backseat to what sounds like distorted merry-go-around music. I think I still would’ve preferred the chugging, but hopefully someone else can make that happen.

Sadly, this mod is only for PC players at the moment, since there’s no way to install Resident Evil Village mods on console. You can head on over to Nexus Mods to get the Count Theodora mod (though, to install it, you’ll also need Fluffy Mod Manager).

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