How to Kill Vanaheim Plants in God of War: Ragnarok


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The forest realm of Vanaheim is filled with wild animals, but they’re not the only source of danger for Kratos and Atreus/Freya.

How to Kill Vanaheim Plants in God of War: Ragnarok

Vanaheim Plants in God of War: Ragnarok can also be dangerous. The game has several different kinds of plants, each with its way of being removed. Just as much as they have different ways of being destroyed, each has a unique way of causing danger.

A screenshot showing the Western Barri Woods in Vanaheim
via: Gamepur

Spitting Plants

The spitting plant is one of the first ones you’ll encounter in Vanaheim. They are fairly easy to remove, but players must act quickly when they see this in their path. Simply throw the Leviathan Axe at it before it can spray its poison, and it will be easily destroyed.

Wait too long, however, and it will have spread its poison. Then, you’ll have to wait quite a bit before the poison dries up and the plant reopens. When that happens, you can attack it.

A screenshot showing a spitting plant in Vanaheim
via: Youtube/h.k. ani

Poison Mist Plants

Players who’ve played the first God of War are probably familiar with this plant. There’s no real way of destroying it, but you can halt its effects by throwing the Leviathan Axe at it and freezing the plant. Recalling the axe immediately unleashes the plant’s effects again.

The game has a part where you must simultaneously take on two mist plants. This is where the sigil arrows come in. Freeze the first plant to get into the location, then fire a sigil arrow. This will allow you to recall it without immediately removing the effects of the axe. Then, once you have the axe again, you can freeze the second plant, but you have to hurry because the effects from the sigil arrow aren’t meant to last indefinitely.

A screenshot showing a Poison Mist Plant in Vanaheim
via: Fredisnator/Youtube

Bulb Plants

This plant has kind of stumped players. They don’t attack, but they are also not destroyed straightforwardly.

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To take out these bulb plants, simply fire it with a sigil arrow first; then, you can aim the axe at it, and it will immediately explode. Other players have also suggested using the blades on them after firing with an arrow; it just depends on the plant’s distance.

Some plants are known to drop loot and crafting materials as well.

A screenshot showing a bulb plant in Vanaheim
via: Gamepur

Blue Exploding Plants

These plants show up a bit later in the game. While the other plants appear along a path just to add danger to Kratos’ journey, these blue exploding plants make combat more challenging.

These plants can’t be destroyed no matter what kind of combination of sigils and elemental attacks, so it’s best just to watch out for them when you’re running around a fight, taking out multiple enemies.

A screenshot showing a Blue Exploding plant in Vanaheim
via: TheGamesEntertainer/Youtube

‘Mother’ Plants

These Vanaheim plants tend to be the most infuriating in God of War: Ragnarok because they spread out and have flowers that shoot poison darts, and they can’t be destroyed without finding the ‘mother’ bulb.

Follow the vines to the very source, and you should find the ‘mother’ of the vines—usually in the form of a huge bulb. Hit it with a sigil arrow first, then blow it up by aiming the Blades of Chaos at it and sending an explosion through the chains.

Admittedly, some vine sources are complicated to find, so you should have a lot of patience when taking these things on; that or always be mindful when you put up your shield.

A screenshot showing a 'Mother' Plant in Vanaheim
via: Gamers Heroes/Youtube

Blue Vines/Mushroom Vines

These don’t cause damage like other plants but are mostly roadblocks for a path or certain loot. To eliminate the blue vines, simply explode them with the Blades of Chaos and watch them flame away. For the mushroom vines, you’ll have to aim a sigil arrow at them. Then, explode them with the Blades for a longer-lasting effect to remove the vines.

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